Thursday, May 03, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week

  • Wait; so Hal sleeping around all these years was really just a ploy to confuse the Zamarons? Oh, Hal you are both ingenious and selfless!
  • The missing 52 seconds, found.
  • Black cats that say "Gasp!".
  • Skeets made me cry.
  • Jonah Hex, master of the job interview.
  • Sivana, ticked, shot, bleeding, in mortal danger ... but still intellectually curious.
  • Batgirl getting hit in the head with a sword, then pwned by Nightwing. Poor little ridiculously-contrived ninja girl!
  • Crotchgate continues in, of all places, The Monster Society of Evil!
  • The return of the Terrible Trio.
  • Jonah Hex, doing his job without firing a shot.
  • The Crimson Avenger with Titano.
  • Carol Ferris: the Green Lantress!
  • Innovative uses of pseudoderm.
  • It feels so right to see Mr. Terrific leading the JLU, doesn't it?
  • Sterling Morris shows why he is the head of a news network and Helen Fidelity isn't.
  • Camille was a stewardess? Of course she was a stewardess...!
  • The return of the DCU's greatest character: the multiverse.


Steven said...

And not "Honey, your nose is twitching"?

Scipio said...

No appearance of the Dibny's has ever made me happy.

Although their being dead does help.

Marc Burkhardt said...

I haven't been a fan of Geoff Johns lately, but Carol Ferris as the Green Sapphire was cool enough to overcome all those months of angst and dismemberment in GL, JSA etc. etc.

Somebody give her a mini-series, stat!

Anonymous said...

I adored this issue of Jonah Hex. And you certainly touched on two of the biggest reasons why.

FoldedSoup said...

Pseudoderm was meant orginally for bandage usage, if I remember right. I'm more impressed that it was actually remembered that way.

And thank goodness... the Original Question is saved. Hopefully, to be used later.

Great wrap-up, all in all...

R Greene said...

I have a challenge for you... The Booster Gold Dynasty?

Anonymous said...

This is a comment on something I noticed in the favorite comic book quotes section.

The Riddler's Daughter?

The Riddler's Daughter?!?!


SallyP said...

You can't tell me that Hal Jordan isn't enjoying himself enormously, with two hawt women fighting over him. Eventually, I asssume that he will remember to do his heroic thing, but until then...!

And 52 was sensational. And I don't care, I love Ralph and Sue. *sniff*.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Dibny denouement.

It just makes implacable, comic book sense to transform them from Nick and Nora Charles to George and Marion Kerby.

wrath said...

Now the ghostie dibny's need to go haunt Dr Thirteen.

rachelle said...

Jonah Hex, master of the job interview.


Caleb said...

Wait, were you being sarcastic about Batgirl? Cause I find it hard to believe that anything in Teen Titans made anyone in the world happy at all. Adam Beechen's probably been a wreck, looking himself in the bathroom mirror saying "Oh God, how could I write that? What is wrong with me?"

And was Titano in JLU? Damn, I knew I shoulda bought that! I saw Crimson Avenger and said yes, but then saw Stargirl and said no.

MaGnUs said...

Awesome on the Dibny's, and The Question on his own Charlton Earth... what about Black Adam's pimpin' crocodile boots?

MaGnUs said...

Teen Titans is a good read.

Scipio said...

This news just in:

Anna Nicole Smith is dead....