Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Fabian Nicieza's story in Action. I can't recall reading a story where Superman (or any other hero) had to deal with quite this situation with a "faith-based" hero. I find the subtle exploration of the pros and cons of religion enjoyable. Plus, it's a got fun usage of Superman's vision powers, and the art gives Superman a look he rarely has: really hot.
  • Peter Milligan's "Kid Amazo" is so zany in premise that it's actually working for me, particularly the idea that the Kid wants to rebel against his father by becoming a good guy. Still, judging by Milligan's writing of Martian Manhunter and the Flash, he's never read a JLA comic before; wherever they are, it's not New Earth. See what happens, Brad, when you put Geo-Force in the League?
  • The Spectre story (an eight-part "Orient Express") is finally over! If that doesn't make you happy, I can't imagine what would. I decided today that the story is actually an ingenious experiment in metaliterary theory: through it, the Spectre is punishing US with seemingly endless ironic torment. "THANKS TO THE DEMANDS OF YOUR BLOODTHIRSTINESS AND THE ROLLING HEAD OF PANTHA, GENERATIONS OF MINOR MISCREANTS HAVE DIED HORRIBLY BY MY HAND! YOU WANTED GORE AND IRONIC PUNISHMENT; NOW YOU SHALL HAVE MORE THAN YOUR FILL!" I don't blame writer David Lapham; I blame Geo-Force. When in doubt, blame Geo-Force.
  • And, of course, beloved Dr. 13, who saves the day with his lack of faith. Any story where characters collectively quote "Windmills of Your Mind" and fight the empty costumes of Justice Leaguers is okay by me.
  • The "wardrobe" joke and the visual that accompanies it.
  • Darkseid playing Heroclix! But who's the blonde lady in the scarf? Did he have her customized?
  • The ad for Countdown that appears in Countdown 51 made me laugh out loud; I wasn't expecting that button. So, since Ralph Dibny (in 52) left Jean Loring trapped or frozen or whatever, and since all the ads for Countdown have avoided showing Eclipso's face ... is it possible that there will be a NEW Eclipso other than Crazy Jean? Who could it be?
  • Monitor-on-monitor violence! Blockade Boy must be in heaven with all these muttonchops.
  • Monitors travel in giant soap bubbles just like Glinda the Good Witch? That's adorable!
  • The solution to the great disaster? Priceless!

In other news...

A shout out to my friend and Big Monkey stalwart, sassy ass-kicking Sherin Nicole, for her on-line Washington Post interview. She's a credit to orange people everywhere.

Congrats to Jonnie B on his new Jon Hex Lives banner, which is much better than Devon's.

The Martian Manhunter is mad: I blame Geo-Force.

Big Monkey is going to run a comic book quizbowl, which should be a hoot. I used to coach college bowl (shocking, huh?) so I'm tasked with coming up with the questions. While the contestants practice their geek fu, I'm trying to arrange for Ulysses Campbell to film the event so we can post it on line. Congrats to Ulysses, by the way, on the first airing of his cable show "Fantastic Forum" on DCTV.

Speaking of airing ... what would you pay to listen to Scipio Garling of the Absorbascon (that's me), Devon Sanders of Seven Hells, Jon Carey of Facedown in the Gutters, Ben Hatton of Those Wednesdays, and Jonnie Brooks of Jon Hex Lives discuss and debate the latest comic book issues and stories in their usual witty way? Absolutely nothing, you say? Perfect, since that's exactly what it will cost you to listen to the BIG MONKEY PODCAST. Tech Guru Ben will gather us on Wednesday May 23 to record our first roundtable; we'll let you know as soon as it's up and available for download!


wrath said...


when In doubt Blame Geo Force?

Just because he is a member of a largely useless European aristocracy, which i learned to despise whilst watching a documentary on PBS about Christian IX of Denmark, where the narrator kept saying "The Father In Law Of Europe" every 2 sentences?

Just because his powers are mainly redundant and I would rather read about much more interesting people like Sand Hawkins?

Just because he is so Loaded that when his Yacht blows up he doesn't exclaim, "Curses, my boat, I still have 10 payments left on that thing"

Just because he is so unoriginal he cant get his own original butler, he has to have an Alfred Knockoff?

Just because he was a member of the outsiders?

Just because he used to have GF blazoned on his chest?

Or just because he is a Jackass?

ChrisM said...

Thank God the Spectre is over. I honestly don't know how the people that wrote the Spectre thought that 8 issues of the Spectre KILLING people OVER and OVER again was worthwhile?

Watching the Spectre having dinner in a tuxedo with that Andre guy from the Princess Bride would have been MUCH more interesting...


T said...

I've been enjoying Fabian Nicieza's story in Action Comics a lot myself. As long as Redemption and the priest don't become outright villainous in Part 2, I think we're in for a very nice and interesting tale.

Derek said...

Big Monkey podcast? Excellent.

That ought to fill the deplorably missing hole in my geek culture podcast coverage.

I've already got a Movies, a Video Games, a Movies/TV/Video Games hybrid, and a Tabletop RPG podcasts on rotation on my MP3 player. But soon I shall have my Comics podcast!

Prepare to enter rotation!*


*That sounded dirtier than I had intended.

MaGnUs said...

If anybody speaks or understand Spanish, please visit the site for Perdidos En El eter, the podcast a friend and I do monthly, with stuff about everything geek except video games.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the Superman story so I don't really know anything about this "faith-based hero". I know over at Marvel Thor fought a guy called the Crusader about 25 years ago, a zealous fundamentalist Christian with a power sword who considered himself a hero and saw it his duty to smite the "pagan pretender" Thor. Any similarity?

MaGnUs said...

Totaltoys; no, no similarities between the stories.

Christine Smith said...

Duela Dent? Dead? NOOOOOO! Why couldn't it have been Jason Todd? He was VOTED dead by his own fan base. (REFUNDS, Didio! When are you gonna give refunds to everyone who paid to vote him dead?) But Duela is one groovy psycho chick, one of the truly great high-concept also-ran-Titans, and thoroughly awesome in every way. I grieve for you, Duela. I grieve.

Silas said...

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