Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stupid Hero Quote

Which leads directly to our next Stupid Hero Quote:

"And watch the language. You're a superhero."

Who said it and to whom?


naladahc said...

Jay Garrick to Jakeem Thunder?

Scipio said...

Out in one!

Congrats, naladahc; I see you're a JSA fan!

naladahc said...

Wow! I knew I'd read something like that before so I figured it had to be those 2.

Anonymous said...

Wonder Hippolyta was ever so much classier about it: "Young man, I don't mind saying I find your language to be lacking is (sic) subtlety." If this were a just or a rational world, that would have been the quote of the year, in whatever year it was said.

Anonymous said...

Turunga Leela's mom to her in the Futurama episode where an ointment gave Leela and Fry superpowers.