Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hal Jordan takes to the air

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Originally uploaded by Scipio1.
SuperHero Radio is proud to announce that we are now playing the much-anticipated song "Green Lantern: Hal Jordan" in heavy rotation.

This legendary J-Sinn Starr song has been heard of by many but heard by few. We're able to make it available to you courtesy of our friend, J-Sinn Starr himself.

This recording is the 2002 performance by the trio "Adam Black". J-Sinn has promised to also grace us with the inconceivably rare original acoustic solo version.

In related news, SuperHero Radio is now being listened to in India and Venezuela, where it is expected to inspire sweeping societal changes over the coming months, and possible a few dollars in PayPal contributions.


Anonymous said...

At last! Now if I can only find an mp3 download of the thing (or a CD for purchase)...

Scipio said...

Write Jason Cox at superstarrproductions@yahoo.com.

Tell him you want this CD--


Green Lantern Hal Jordan is the fourth track.

Scipio said...

And please tell him Scipio sent you!

jason said...

while we're on the topic of superhero songs, thought you might want to track down this ditty:

Sgt. Rock's Green Boot Bounce

by a Pittsburgh hip-hop duo called Grand Buffet (available on Amazon).

i realize Sgt. Rock wasn't particularly "super," but it is comic-related...

JP said...

Hah! I'm probably the Indian in question, although I imagine a few more may have tuned in since I linked to Superhero Radio on my blog. Cheers!

Matt Strawbridge said...
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Matt Strawbridge said...

Where can I:
- get there acoustic version?
- get the lyrics? I can’t understand part of the Carol Ferris verse.