Saturday, May 21, 2005

Manhawks working with Adam Strange

Isn't it REMARKABLE how similar the Manhawks look to Rannian space-helmets?

Same color scheme. Same fin on the top. Both fire laser beams.

Did you ever wonder whether the Manhawks might be a secret genetic experiment of amoral Rannian animal-torturer Sardath? Just an idea.

Dr. Light. Despero. Manhawks. Adam Strange. Nuklon (a.k.a. Atom-Smasher).

Face it: characters with fins on their heads are EVIL. Seven Hells, are you listening? Is this one of your Seven Deadly Signs of Evil?


Ian said...

What about Starman? He's not evil. Dolphins aren't evil (unless they're cooking up some plan a la that one Simpsons Halloween ep).

Scipio said...


That's a tough one.

BUT he went crazy.

Yes. The inner conflict caused by wearing the evil fin drove him mad and ended his career.