Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wonder War

Why is Wonder Woman in handcuffs on the cover of one of her forthcoming issues? Perhaps for no other reason that it would please Moulton and anger Wertham. But I suspect it has something to do with the fifth summer miniseries, "Amazons Attack".

What's that? There is no such miniseries, you say? True enough. But, according to Devon (who erreth not) at Seven Hells, there was supposed to be. But the whole thing got too bogged down and the project was abadoned so as not to hold back the other four, "The Spectre's Hissy-Fit", "Batman Enables the Enslavement of the World", " The Secret Society of Unpleasant People", and "Putting Rann Out of Our Misery".

The set up was there: Themiscyra rudely plopped by Hera off the coast of the U.S., where it was suddenly cordoned off by warships. The Amazons were about to go to war with the Americans, I tell ya. DC's not going to let the ideas go to waste; without "Amazons Attack" the ideas will find there way into Wonder Woman, probably right after Donna is brought back.

The handcuff cover lends credence to this theory. With diplomatic immunity, Diana wouldn't really be susceptible that kind of arrest ... unless, say, her country was at war with ours?


Jer said...

Rucka did an interview at Newsarama where he said that "Amazon's Attack" was made redundant by the rest of the Countdown to the Neverending Story concept.

My suspicion was that originally it was going to be the "wedge" that came between Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman as the US Government invaded Paradise Island and the Amazons counter-attacked (or something). When they decided that Wonder Woman could be in favor of killing off villains instead, the need for that wedge disappeared. (That's my gut take, anyway. I suppose we'll see as the Really-Incredibly-Big Crisis continues).

I'm just wondering at what point they're going to have Wonder Woman haul off and kill a villain. My guess is that it will be Max Lord at the end of the OMAC project, but I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Scipio said...

Thank you, jer. Hmmm.....

Maybe THAT's what she arrested for?

Anonymous said...

Living in the future is so cool!
From here, er from now, I can see that Jer called it right.