Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Paul Von Gunther, on Politness

As previously discussed, Wonder Woman has some of most polite foes in comicdom, which is fitting since she is, after all, a lady. For example, the great Nazi spy, Paula Von Gunther...

"No, please -- I see I have upset you -- I'm sorry -- You need this cup of tea. Then I hope you will stay with me a long time!"
Baroness Paula Von Gunther, untitled first appearance against Wonder Woman

Even after you have kindly offered to send a young American girl to espionage school and pay her well so that she can betray her country but instead she rudely rejects your offer and questions your sanity, you should still be polite and offer your guest some refreshments.

Particularly when they are laced with sedatives or mind-altering drugs.


Anonymous said...

Well yeah, but remember that Paula wasn't really a villain--the Nazis were holding her daughter hostage to ensure her good (or evil) behavior.

I feel amazingly embarrassed for both knowing this and (especially) for pointing it out.... ;-)

Scipio said...

Right! Now, that means a perfect opportunity to bring her GRANDdaughter as an opponent for Wonder Woman...!

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