Sunday, May 29, 2005

Not THAT Hal Jordan!

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Hi, I'm Hal Jordan! No....really!

I'm Harold "don't call him Hal" Jordan, cousin of Green Lantern (you know, the real one). Our grandfather, Lawrence Jordan, was the original Golden Age Airwave. Howcome they never mentioned him or me in Green Lantern? Is cousin Hal embarrased of us, or something?

His costume was green, yellow, and red; I think some sort of law required it in the Golden Age! I swapped out the green for blue (much more modern), added these kicky yellow go-go boots I bought at Diana Prince's yard sale (I had to fight Lois Lane for them, and, let me tell you, she can HIT!).

Unlike my fellow candidates below, I'm still alive! I think I was last seen in JSA, where someone wicked (the Ultrahumanite, maybe?) had trapped me in a big bell jar and was using my electromagnetic abilities to power, um, something wicked. Sorry, the whole thing left me kind of shaken; after all, I only weigh 140... Do any of you remember?

I was kind of looking forward to a comeback so I could hang out my cuz, Hal. He could use a sidekick, now that Itty's gone!


H said...

Air Wave:

Fear not my multi-talented friend. The other candidates are mere one-trick ponies (other than Batwoman, who could whoop you with one arm tied behind her back, but she's out of continuity now and you aren't).

You have the powers, the family connection, the golden age connection (I'm thinking the occasional break in arcs to provide an untold tale of the golden age Air Wave or perhaps an untold team-up between Static and Hooty), the JSA connection and you even have age resistant ability, having been a youngster for 25 years.

As no lesser authority than the Ramones put it "We want the Air Waves." Defy the Ramones at your peril.

Scipio said...

By the Ramones, I assume you don't mean Paco and Armando?!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, he DID appear in Green Lantern.

The sadness is because I KNOW this.

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