Monday, May 16, 2005

Stupid Hero Quote

"My orders are explicit! Each of you must be made to wear a pair of glasses. I must repeat ... each of you must wear a pair of glasses! Since you're not obeying ... I must use force. My orders are explicit! You must obey me!"

Well, someone got really snitty when their fashion eye-wear suggestions were rejected! What superhero said this to the rest of the Justice League?


Shon Richards said...

The fun thing about that quote is mentally going through each member of the JLA and trying to imagine why they would say it. Was Red Tornado possessed at the time? Was Hawkman enforcing some sort of Thanagarian dress code? Was Vibe insisting everyone look cool?

My guess is . . .Maxima?

Scipio said...

Nope; but nice stab! Maxima is SO bossy...

The picture of Vibe saying to enforce coolness is very funny, but that would have been:

"My order are eckspeelset! Each of chu mus be made to ooear a pair of glazzez, meng!"

Anonymous said...


It's Superman speaking to the JLA in a Supergirl story in an issue of Adventure Comics!


I win! My self-esteem has been restored.

Thank you Absorbascon.


Scipio said...

LOL, I'm very happy for you, H! Adventure 423, Sept. 1972, in fact.

Jer said...

Wait - you can't leave us hanging like that. We need DETAILS, man! What sort of story would lead to a quote like that from Superman?