Monday, May 09, 2005

Stupid Hero Quote

"You mean they sent a woman out here to give me a hand? Trust headquarters to make a mess of things!"

Heh, heh. What hero said this and who did he dare say it to?


Hate Filled Poster said...


Sarge Steel?

I give up. :(

Sounds like a quote from someone in G.I.Joe really.

Devon Sanders said...

Hal Jordan.

Scipio said...

All very good guesses!

But not correct.

Hint: the woman he said it to is also a hero.

Scipio said...

Hmm, nope, wrong company.

But, in some ways, that's the closest guess yet!

Patrick Gaffney said...

Green Arrow?

Scipio said...

I guess that last clue WAS misleading; I apologize.

The answer is: Silver Age HAWKMAN said that to HAWKGIRL. Now you know why she carries a mace....

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