Thursday, May 12, 2005

France sides with Rann

This just in from my pals at Hegesias:

"Et ne croyez pas la propagande pro-Faucon de Absorbascon : les Thanagariens sont des fascistes impérialistes, mais sur le déclin (et les sectes nihilistes évoquées dans ce numéro achèvent de les rendre inquiétants). "

"Don't believe the pro-Hawk propaganda of the Absorbascon: the Thanagarians are imperialist facists, but on the decline..."

SO! My friends in France are siding with the RANNIES, eh? Huff!

No comment!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Rannians are lovable wimps.

But we love their cooking (and they did not need Strange to discover sandwiches...).

Scipio said...

Oh, yes. I can just see the Rannians, padding about in the kitchen, fussing over their recipes while red-blooded earthmen risk their necks to save their hides!

Thanagarians, meanwhile, are too busy training, and conquering, and inventing things like the marvelous Absorbascon apparatus, to concoct fancified dishes like these decadent "sandwich" things...

Hate Filled Poster said...

Wouldn't the Thanagarians have discovered sandwiches on their travels and incorporated it into their culture? You can find Hamburgers in Japan and Japanese food in the United Kingdom here. You would think a space faring culture would be a melting pot of ideas they picked up along the way in their travels.

Scipio said...

They did. After they came to Earth.

Apparently nobody ELSE invented the sandwich either, including the Rannians, who probably never eat with their fingers.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, the city-state of Ranagar sounds suspiciously like some old Thanagarian settlement.

Thanagar = Hawk-Men from Flash Gordon.

Rann = Mongo.

It is just a local civil war, not an interstellar clash...

Scipio said...

Ooo, interesting. Maybe a little Guardian/Zamoran thing going on back in the early days, with pacificists being shipped to Rann to prevent their dilution of Thanagarian tough-guy culture?

Martin Wisse said...

Now you traitor of Terra! Why do you side with an old Earth enemy, part of the invasion forces of '89!

Apart from Katar and Shiera, have we ever met any Thanagarian wh wasn't evil?

Every time they came to our beautiful planet it brought trouble!

LONG LIVE RANN, the glorious allies of Earth!