Friday, August 17, 2007

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I would like to ask a favor of the readers of the Absorbascon.

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We enjoy our show and hope others do, too. So, we'd really like to increase its visibility, with your help. Please go to the I-Tunes (if you have that) and give us a thumbs up comment and join up at Digg and do the same for our show and individual episodes.

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P.S. Do not miss the next episode, wherein we discuss Jack Kirby at DC, Jack Kirby at Marvel, Mike Wieringo, and have a special visit from Victor Volcanum.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.
  • Well. That's one way to shut Brainy up.
  • I now officially understand why Black Canary is marrying Green Arrow.
  • The Amazon signifer.
  • NOW we know why they sunk San Diego. Nice one, Tad.
  • Okay, if there's ever been a more tantalizing page than the final one of Booster Gold 1, then I can't think of what it would be.
  • It's nice to see that, after 50 years, Krypto and Titano still can't stand each other.
  • Booster's sacrifice... and his price.
  • Grace, your weakness disgusts me. Just as I knew it would.
  • Well. Jefferson Pierce is not as smart as he thinks he is.
  • Clark Kent has a Merit Badge in sewing? Of course he does.
  • Catwoman continues to impress both as a character and a series.
  • Did we just see the departure for Zerox... from the Nanoverse?! 'Cuz that little girl sure looked familiar to me.
  • Okay, the only thing missing in that final panel of Holly and Harley is some D batteries.
  • I bet every single one of those ridiculous Rannian weapons appears in the Adam Strange Showcase I just bought, including the hilariously horrifying Aqua-Ray.
  • Batman versus Circe.
  • The Zatannacave. It's not at all how Dale Gunn described it!
  • Enter, the Clownfish. Don't expect to laugh.
  • "With the Absorbascon, victory was inevitable." It's just nice to have that in print, you know.
  • Supergirl's reading assignment.
  • Yow! I needed to see that even LESS than Red Tornado did.
  • Jimmy's new pal.
  • Well, at least we'll never see that harmonica again after this issue.
  • Hassan chop!
  • I never thought I be happy to see that particular group of jumpsuited goobers; but I was.
  • The Flashcave.
  • "Long live the real king." See; Rip Hunter knows Aquaman's not dead.
  • 31st Century perfume ads.
  • Ah, so the Kryptonite Man does have a weakness, courtesy of Stan Lee.
  • Robin versus the Robin Revenge Squad.
  • I expected to hate Flash 231; I loved it.
  • Now, that's taking tongue-piercing a bit too far.
  • Megistus, just in case you need to know, is the scientific name of the Kissing Bug; it's from the Amazon... or it that "Zamaron"...?
  • Young Superman as a cheftestant on Top Chef.
  • Really? Don't you think you should start with your own sister, first...?
  • My god, Daniel Acuna managed to make Wally West sexy!
  • "This isn't the greatest the League will ever be." See; Rip Hunter knows Geo-Force sucks.
  • Sure he's a good actor; but Batman's not fooled.
  • Well. That's an interesting pair of narrators! Does Brad know something about "Junior" that we don't?
  • Nice homage to the Last Superman Story, Kurt!
  • No matter how many struggling women J'onn J'onnz restrains, I'm sure it's never enough.
  • Pantha smiles; I counted one head squished, one exploded, and unnumbered decapitations on the Beltway.
  • The Pozner Suit? The Pozner Suit?! Very interesting.
  • Well. Now we know why Krypto usually just goes 'yip'.
  • Never, in all the hundreds of horror and Vertigo titles I have ever read, have I seen anything half as horrible as what Brad Meltzer had Roy do to his daughter.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Big Monkey, Mini-Map

Wishing you could play Heroclix at Big Monkey? Well, now you can... in the comfort of your own home!

Yes, folks, that's right; there's now a Heroclix mini-map based on the Big Monkey Comics store in Washington, D.C. Just the place to field your Officer Sanders and Officer Garling pogs!

Not every Heroclix game has to be a 1000 point battle royale. We've all longed for smaller maps to play more intimate and faster games with smaller teams. Leave it to Big Monkey to answer that need! These "mini-maps" are approximately 18 percent the size of a standard Heroclix map; just the size for a tiny one or two hundred point team.

Why spend a quarter of the game just crossing the board to get to your opponent? Big Monkey Minimaps take you right to the action. Why be bored waiting at the airport? Big Monkey Minimaps fit into a regular size suitcase, for all your Heroclix travel needs. Why let your lower point figures gather dust in their storage boxes? Big Monkey Minimaps lets those figures shine in their own environment and breathes life into your game!

But wait, there's more!

Each Big Monkey Minimap comes with another complete minimap on the reverse: the Joker's Hideout!

The Joker lies in wait in his thematically decorated lair as the ever-full Gotham moon shines eerily through the abnormally large window characteristic of the Golden Age. In one corner, a card table hosting a mysteriously interrupted game, and in another, the blueprint for the Crime Clown's next caper. On the mantelpiece sits an unopened box of JLA Heroclix--perhaps containing the new Emperor Joker figure? Leading up from, one supposes, and abandoned factory, the green-carpeted landing serves as a launchpad for the Caped Crusaders' attack!
Personal testimony, by Scipio G. of Washington DC:

"I played a 100-point game on this minimap last night: Batman (Batman 44 pts, "Dick Grayson" Robin 22 pts, Batgirl 25 pts) versus the Joker (Legacy Joker 72 pts, two veteran criminals 14 pts each). Special rule: if a Batman team member gets kayoed and the Joker can run off the board, the Joker wins. The Joker almost kayoed Robin in the card table corner, while the goons kept Batman and Batgirl busy, but at the last second Robin made a breakaway roll to hide behind Batman and the sofa. So, the Joker had to take on Batman before he left. Joker was on his last click, doing 4 (!) damage when he clocked Batman, but Batman managed to make a comeback, kayoing the Joker.

Good times... . It was nice to field Gotham figures in their "natural environment", without aliens with zapping eye-beams crowding them out of play. Thanks, Big Monkey, for the minimap experience!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm Not Saying He's GAY, exactly...

... but, have you ever seen the Martian Manhunter dance?

Okay, you straight people may have never seen this sort of thing, but J'onn's what we call a 'dervish', one of those guys whose idea of dancing is twirling around in one place on the dance floor. Not one cool little Jackson 5 turnaround in the midst of other dancing. No, no. We're talking spinning; Stevie Nicks, Tonya Harding, Tasmanian Devil kind of stuff.

That's a Martian Corkscrew, actually.
Wait, wasn't that what Jon Carey was drinking at the last podcast...?

Puh-LEASE, Mary!

I bet he thinks this song is about him.

So, are you really shocked J'onn dances with his arms in the air?

No, really; it's not possible to exaggerate how often J'onn decides that twirling is the best solution to his problem.

Once you go Venusian, you never go back, they say.

If stuff like this happens daily in Whereversville, I want to live there, too.

J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Repo Man.

You decide: Sound effect or editor's note?

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Hobbies of the Martian Manhunter

So, after a busy week of combatting such spirit-crushing threats as the Human Squirrel, what does J'onn J'onnz do for relaxation and personal fulfillment?


"Don't make waves" is not a Martian saying. The Martian version is "make waves, and as often as possible".
You'd be amazed how many times JJ does this trick.

Keeping Up With the J'onnzes
J'onn visits Mars, including his family (did you know he lived with his parents?). He gets visits from his brother, T'omm, and his Martian nemesis, B'rett (yes, those are really their names). Little troupes of overweight Martian invaders visit (Mandrills even). Yet, J'onn can't manage to find a way home. To the planet whose natives are known as "the premier race in the galaxy" even though they don't seem to have mastered travel within their own solar system. Who manage to develop a highly technologically society without being able to use fire. A society completely undetected by their planetary neighbors, despite decades of intense scrutiny of Mars via power telescopes. In short, the Martian Manhunter is just about the single worst sci-fi concept ever conceived.


Don't quit your day job, J'onn.

Dressing Like A Butterfly
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Practicing Lesser Used Martian Powers

And, of course,

Missionary Work