Friday, August 17, 2007

Digg it!

I would like to ask a favor of the readers of the Absorbascon.

As you may know, a group of five bloggers (from The Absorbascon, Seven Hells, Those Wednesdays, Jon Hex Lives, and Facedown in the Gutters) are the regular panelists on the Big Monkey Podcast.

We enjoy our show and hope others do, too. So, we'd really like to increase its visibility, with your help. Please go to the I-Tunes (if you have that) and give us a thumbs up comment and join up at Digg and do the same for our show and individual episodes.

Plus, if you have a blog or livejournal or some such, and you enjoy the show, it would be nice if you gave it a little plug!

P.S. Do not miss the next episode, wherein we discuss Jack Kirby at DC, Jack Kirby at Marvel, Mike Wieringo, and have a special visit from Victor Volcanum.


Anonymous said...

If you are so inclined, you could make a post with some funny or interesting scans over at Livejournals' scans_daily and give yourself a little plug too. The community's got about 5000 members, so it's likely you'll get a good few interested people popping over.

(Little tip: I'd advise you to post something about Booster Gold and/or Blue Beetle to get maximum audience appreciation.)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to listen to your podcast, but my MP3 player doesn't play the MP4 format.

It made me mad, I'll tell you.

Scipio said...

I believe you can listen to it from the Digg site and the BMPodcast themselves, without needing to download it to your player!

MaGnUs said...

Kirby? Cool!

Joe - said...

I plugged you guys weeks ago (, for what it's worth!

I still say you lads need to rotate through panelists, because five voices is too many and when you all bust up into riotous laughter, I have to run for the volume button.

David page said...

considor it plugged I love the show