Friday, August 03, 2007

Ambush Island

I haven't forgotten you, Heroclix fans! With the template supplied me by Absorbascommando Derek Lancaster, I've made a new map for your aquatic clix:

I call this map "Ambush Island". It's not exactly complicated, but I still think it's interesting. The island supplies elevated terrain, the reef provides blocking terrain, and the shoals provide hindering terrain. Really, it's not hindering terrain, but "obscuring terrain"; the special rule of the map is that hindering terrain affects only line of sight, not movement.

I'm afraid the resolution here really doesn't do the map justice, but I'm happy to send anyone the file. Imagine using the new Starro-Slave Aquaman or Sword of Atlantis Aquaman, with their new special powers on this map! Throw in some fishclix and some aquatic objects, and you're ready for some splashing good gaming.


Anonymous said...

This will go nice with the new Aquaman, who looks like an incredible piece. Especially if I print up about 50 points worth of your fishclix for him to use that nice special power on.

How many aquatic villains are there in Clix? I have Black Manta, who's not good for much, and I know we're getting King Shark.

Anonymous said...

I think most graduates of the American public school system think "atoll" is something you pay every twelve feet on the New Jersey Turnpike.

I have to say, the shape reminds me of Starfish Island, where Oliver Queen taught himself the skills necessary to become Green Arrow.

BIG MIKE said...


Great map. Unfortunately there's not an actual atoll on it. An atoll is an island, usually made from coral that surround a central lagoon.

Big Mike

Scipio said...

Yeah, I know.

It's still forming, as the coral (represented by the ring of hindering terrain) builds up around the sinking central island.

Besides ... it sounds better.

Derek said...

Oh, I get it. The island's Elevated terrain because the rest of the map takes place underwater. Took me a minute.

Very cool. And the water looks incredible.

Anonymous said...

How many aquatic villains are there in Clix? I have Black Manta, who's not good for much, and I know we're getting King Shark. -- Jon

Off the top of my head, DC gives us Black Manta, Killer Croc, Anton Arcane, and Experienced OMAC.

Marvel has the Lizard, Hydro-Man, Anaconda, Diablo, and Marrina (she went bad a time or two).

And Indy offers Captain Mako.

(Assorted LEs of some of the above also fit the bill.)

I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

Anonymous said...

And if you really want some more aquatic villains, I'm always available for customized Clix! Scip has gotten a bunch of aquatics from me, hero and villain.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Marvelclix have a Stingray in one of the expansions? And there's been a couple of Namors, I think.

Nice map, anyway.