Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Keep Your Head in the Game

My original plan for today was to post my next "Least Likely to Change" installment, but something happened today to change that.

Today, I received in the mail my latest shipment of customized Heroclix.

Dale, whom you will recognize as frequent commenter "Totaltoyz", made me a nice group of clix that Wizkids hasn't gotten around to making you and probably never will.

I got Argus. I think he's an underused part of the Flash Family, as in both the comics and Heroclix, that team could use somebody who has a schtick that isn't dependent on superspeed. He's on an Azrael dial. After all, what else can you do with an Azrael?

I got the Rainbow Raider (surfing the spectrum with stolen painting in arm), because, well, it's funny. Besides putting him on an Experienced Halo amuses me. I enjoy dissing characters I don't like by stealing their dials for demeaning customs. Especially Halo.

I adore the Busiek-style Prankster (armed with Kryptonite Custard Pie). He's on a very capable 107 point Joker dial, so he'll be a very worthy addition to the new Superman enemies coming out in the Justice League set.

I also got Mr. & Mrs. Menace, the Sportsmaster and the Golden Age Huntress. I love those two. We'll see how well they do against Rookie Alan Scott and Rookie Wildcat!

I got Dr. Impossible (because I helped name him), hilarious prehawkified Northwind (because he's just so fabulously faggy), and, of course, the Awesome Threesome of Torpedo-Man, Magnet-o, and Claw (because they are, ipso facto, awesome).

Oh, and just to give Aquaman a spot of extra trouble, I had "Devil Ray" from JLU made to act as an evil sidekick for Black Manta.

I even got a set of four G.O.O.N.s (surely you remember the Grand Order of Occidental Nighthawks?). Each wears a black derby and a turtleneck that says G.O.O.N. on it. They carry such deadly weapons as brass knuckles (nice touch, Dale!), pistols, a black round bomb that says "BOMB" on it, and an umbrella. Caped Crusader beware!

Ordinarily I would thank Dale for his amazing work (really, the pictures don't do these things justice) by email, but this time I am moved to do so publicly in a post. You should check out his Ebay page and order some custom clix of your own!

Dale also told me he was going to include a special gift to me for free, in appreciation for my support of his work. He tried to prepare me by saying that I should really by sitting down when I opened the box, or at least have someone at hand to assist me to the couch.

Naturally, I privately pooh-poohed this warning; you know how artists are about their work. My mistake. I did, in fact, stagger to couch with this surprise figure in hand, gasping for breath. I don't have a camera good enough to take a photo of it, but perhaps Dale will provide us with some.

It's 23 points. It has Charge and Leap/Climb. It has four clicks of life. Well... not life, really.

the Rolling Head of Pantha.

The "Superman Prime" Revenge Squad (6 figures at 697 points)

ID Name Points
J085Martian Manhunter
le027Veteran -Power Girl
U081Veteran Black Adam
le066Veteran Superboy
jl101Rolling Head of Pantha


Chance said...

Holy schnitt! Those are indeed awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Scipio! I don't know whether you check your E-Mails regularly, so I post this unrelated item in this thread: Cheese's 22 Panels That Never Work.

Azrael said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is....words fail me. It's either the tackiest thing ever, or the most awesome.


Scipio said...

Why can't it be both, Laurie?

Anonymous said...

Scipio, thanks for the write-up! I'm glad you continue to enjoy my customs!
Please check out my eBay page, which Scipio was kind enough to link in this article. I just put up a couple of new customs for bid! (I don't know if I can TOP these, but I'll try!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Azrael...
could be used alongside Argus in Unca Cheek's Suicide Squad?

Unca Cheeks liked you Azrael!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, totaltoyz!

Best... modder... evah.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Scipo. I guess it is the most awesomely tacky thing ever. Kind of like Las Vegas, except with less neon lights.

(The Rolling Head Of Pantha with Neon Light-Up Action would just be plain tacky though)

Anonymous said...

Yes, The Rolling Head of Pantha figure: for when you just don't want to hide the misogynistic and pathetic basement-dweller side of fandom!

Derek said...

Yes, The Rolling Head of Pantha: for when you don't want to hide your disdain for those who cry "Pathetic!" when something graphic happens in a graphic medium, or "Misogyny!" when it happens to a female character!

I can't wait 'till I get my Joe Chill shooting Martha Wayne figure.

Scipio said...

Is Martha Wayne wearing pearls misogynistic or is that just when Mary Jane does it?

Scipio said...

"the misogynistic and pathetic basement-dweller side of fandom!"

Ha, yep, that's me all over! Ask anyone who knows me!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait 'till I get my Joe Chill shooting Martha Wayne figure.

If you really want one, email me!

Anonymous said...

Well, if there are any Pantha fans out there, you'll know them when the inevitable rant comes through for daring to make something like that.

Scipio said...

Well, if there are any Pantha fans out there, they should know they're 15 years late.