Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The JLD Advances the First Amendment

It's mostly forgotten nowadays, but the Justice League Detroit broke a lot of ground (most of it with Gypsy's feet). It was the first series ...

  • to show clearly how useless and annoying Sue Dibny was;
  • to show older black janitors getting it in on with magical women of all races, in scenes that probably would have been excised from "Hair";
  • to show that replicating Marvel characterization formulae in the context of the DCU is like putting a pig in a prom dress on the cover of Vogue;
  • to show that Mera knows how to pilot a hovercraft;
  • to show that Puerto Rican people can, in fact, develop superpowers, as long as they are ethnically appropriate.

But it also broke down barriers and tackled taboos that even today's rape-of-the-month series wouldn't dare.

Comics had toyed with the forbidden fruits of sweet sweet octopus love for decades, almost since the beginning of the genre, yet never managed to take the bold step to the next level. But -- and they won't teach you this in Comics History 101 --we have the Justice League Detroit to thank for this great moment in the exercise of the First Amendment...

The Justice League Detroit Brings
Tentacle Porn to American Superhero Comics

Gypsy; Vixen; the Elongated Man; and a multitentacled alien that needs comforting. "What do we do with it?", indeed, Ralph...


Anonymous said...

I know JLA Detroit was on a tight budget, but couldn't they have gotten Gypsy a skirt without a Mammy Yokum patch on the front?

Scipio said...

It goes with the bare feet motif.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. This is the one issue of JLDetroit I own, and I got the sinking feeling it was pretty representative.

SallyP said...

Awww...Ralph you made HER...cry. Men.

And I just love the outfit on Gypsy. Do they make her do the dishes and laundry too?

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Ye gods, I remember this story.

They named the thing Junior. I called it "Junior the giant green tentacled space-potato." It came to Earth as a spore attached to Superman's cape, lo, many years before.

Later on, Junior hatched. It produced a naked golden man covered in slime who stalked the halls of the JLD headquarters and sucked out the life essences of all it found.


Decades ahead of its time, JLD was.