Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Robin 156's anti-suicide message. If you want to read snide snarking about how this sort of issue is a stupid PSA you shouldn't waste your money on and why doesn't every book have large boobed asskicking Asian women fighting one another, look for a different blog than this one. I'll remember Robin 156 and Robin's conversation with the Freshmen on the roof long after I've forgotten most other comics I read this month. Once again, Robin has shown that he is the coolest person in the DCU.
  • The sheer girliness of Oracle sending roses to invite people into Birds of Prey is side-splitting. It's just so Yvonne Craigish: "No girl -- not even a girl crimefighter -- can resist a dozen roses, Charlie! I think I'll pop over to look for replies in my P.O. Box via my Oracle-cycle!"
  • Pfeiffer's Freak Film once again proves that nobody makes theme villains like Gotham does.
  • Powerboy. Sigh.
  • Supergirl's moment of lesbian frissonne!
  • OH! I finally figured out what the art in Sword of Atlantis keeps reminding me of: those old Dell novel covers with the '60s advertising-style art:
  • I think at least one comic every month should have a renegade robot shouting "52! 52!"

My special shout out goes to Jesse Leon McCann, about whom I know nothing at all. BUT, Jesse wrote one of the stories in this week's Krypto #3, in which in the Penguin's pet penguin falls out of plane, blunders into the Fortress of Solitude, accidently traps Superman, receives super mental powers, dons a toga, attacks Superdog and Bathound with a giant green "mind gorilla", suspends them over a vat of boiling liquid kryptonite, attacks a town with a giant green "mind dinosaur", and then is defeated ... all in ten pages.

Now THAT is the kind of pacing I want in a comic book. If you want bang for your buck, Jesse Leon McCann is your writer!!!


JP said...

WOW. Sounds like McCann found a stash of Silver Age crack....

Anonymous said...

Adam Beechen is my personal hero. He is finally making Robin live up to the potential Tim Drake has always shown. This is a Robin who is the leader of the Teen Titans, even though Cyborg is older. This is a Robin who has no problem telling Batman off. This is a Robin who finally, FINALLY, has a decent comic series to follow!


Anonymous said...

Pffft. If I want social justice, I'll read Judd Winick. Or WIll Pfeiffer. The latter did a much better one in HERO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks!

Scipio said...

No, thank YOU, Jesse!

I think I should send a copy of your story to every one of these novelists writing comics nowadays who couldn't tell a whole story in 10 pages if you put a gun to their heads.

Anonymous said...

Better to send your comments about me to editors at the different comic publishers -- anything to help when I'm out pitching projects!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Robin 156 was cool.