Friday, November 10, 2006

Wonder Goodies

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Frank Miller & Alan Moore ... were they just big fish in a little pond?

If you could write an essay about Wonder Woman, what would you say?

Marston Worships at the Altar of the Holy Electric Woman's Leg
and You Should Too
Oh, your feet are killing me, too, dearie...

Some Heroclix Pogs for Your Wonder Woman Games

There are so many deliciously evil pogs I wanted to make for this: "the Hitler Cure", "the Sissy Spanker", "Fido the Dog Girl", "Ruth Smith", "Man Made Manacles", etc. But I've kept this little set on the up and up instead. And while you are enjoying Steve Trevor, the Magic Lasso, and Etta Candy, don't forget Brenda the Majorette!

Special Steve Trevor Rules
  • Wonder Woman has Defend with regard to Steve Trevor.
  • Steve Trevor has the Police Ability.
  • Any opposing figure may attempt to Incapacitate Steve.
  • Steve has Willpower.
  • Steve Trevor costs you zero points if you are wearing a headband.
  • To maximize enjoyment, make a stupid exclamation everytime Steve takes or receives an action.

Special Magic Lasso Rules

  • The Magic Lasso must be placed with Wonder Woman at the start of the game.
  • She carries it with her, and that does not affect her ability to carry regular objects or other figures.
  • The Magic Lasso allows Wonder Woman to use Incapacitate with a range of 5 against one opposing figure at a time.
  • Figures incapacitated by the Magic Lasso can take no action of any kind.
  • Incapacitation by the Magic Lasso lasts until Wonder Woman moves, attacks, or receives damage.
  • Wonder Woman may not use the Magic Lasso while she is carrying another figure or object.
  • Wonder Woman may, as a free action, give the Magic Lasso to or receive it from any adjacent friendly figure.
  • Other figures using the Magic Lasso can only use it in Close Combat.
  • No player may use the Magic Lasso who is handcuffed, manacled, or chained.

The Special Etta Candy Rules

  • Wonder Woman has Defend with regard to Etta.
  • Etta Candy has both Toughness and Willpower.
  • Etta Candy cannot be carried by any flyer who does not have superstrength.
  • To maximum enjoyment, require that any player who uses Etta must eat a piece of chocolate every time she uses either Toughness or Willpower.


Tom Bondurant said...

Who wouldn't worship at the Electric Woman's Leg? It's a major award! It must be Italian!

SallyP said...

That was my first thought too. Paint on some fishnets, and stick a lampshade on it. Teehee. The Pogs are fun too.

Steven Hardina said...

The pogs are great :) Can't wait to use them with your list of Steve Trevor exclamations.