Friday, November 24, 2006

Because Dwayne Demanded It!

The Dr. Frederic Wertham Pog

The Dr. Frederic Wertham pog has the "Pulse Wave" Attack power, so that he can do damage to all surrounding characters at once, including his teammates. His Damage power grants him the ability to "Exploit Weakness" in comic book characters he finds unfit.

Like his work, his range of damage is extensive, but his Defense value is low because he's easy to attack.

Special Frederic Wertham Rules

  • Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are immune to Dr. Wertham's "Exploit Weakness".
  • Dr. Wertham's "Injustice League" Team Ability is automatically replaced with "The Society" Team Ability.

The Dr. William Marston Pog

Dr. William Marston's pog does no intentional damage, because he's a lover, not a fighter. But the Master of Bondage can tie you up with his "Incapacitate" Attack power, bringing even the most powerful figures into submission. His high Defense value and "Deflection" power allow him to evade many serious attacks, no matter how deserved they might be, as easily as bullets bouncing off bracelets.

Special William Marston Rules

  • Wonder Woman is immune to Incapacitation when adjacent to Mr. Marston.
  • Dr. Marston himself is immune to Incapacitation.
  • Female opponents are not allowed to use avoidance powers of their own or of their teammates (such as Supersenses, Imperviousness, or Probability Control) to escape his Incapacitating them, because he knows they secretly enjoy submission.
  • Dr. Marston has Willpower.


Anonymous said...

It should be Dr. William Marston.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

YAY! Go ME!!!
I was thinking that Wertham would have Exploit Weakness, pretty tricky that the Big Three are immune.
I would think that he would also be immune to the Mystic ability since he so easily attacked the horror books & eventually brought Conress along for the ride.

Scipio said...

The Big Four (ahem!) are immune because, despite Wertham's attacks, they are four superheroes who continued to be published without interruption.

That Mystic immunity sounds like a good house rule!

Anonymous said...

wasn't GA in that group to?

Scipio said...

Yeah, but out of bias against GA, I'm fairly committed to ignoring and/or burying that information...