Sunday, November 26, 2006

52 More Questions

  1. Do you, like me, pray daily that Ralph Dibny dies in 52?
  2. Have you noticed that on Heroes, the women generally have the "butch" physical powers and the men have the "passive" mental powers?
  3. Will Supernova remain a part of the DCU after 52?
  4. Will there be an Aquaman movie?
  5. Am I the only person who still believes in the possible innocence of Skeets?
  6. When will the new Atom meet Hawkman?
  7. Am I the only person who doesn't think Montoya deserves to become the Question?
  8. Has there ever been a more stinging condemnation of Wonder Woman than that made by Circe in the most recent issue?
  9. Am I the only person who really wants SuperChief to come back?
  10. It's perfectly safe to assume that Dr. Light is the Evil Mastermind behind all the other villians in JLA, isn't it?
  11. Who will come out first, Connor Hawke or Mario Lopez?
  12. Why do I feel like I'm the only person reading Freedom Fighters?
  13. Does the fact that I burst out laughing when I read that Joe Quesada is Wizard's Man of the Year say more about Wizard, Joe, or me?
  14. If the latest Marvel Heroclix set has four ultra-rare zombified uniques, shouldn't the next DC set have four ultra-rare Starro-controlled figures?
  15. How will Batwoman kiss Montoya when she's wearing the Question mask?
  16. I am the only person who thinks Hercules should now be a permanent addition to Wonder Woman's "dynasty"?
  17. Even when they name him "Sobek", aren't you going to call the Black Adam Family's new crocodile friend "Tawky Crawky"?
  18. If you had to live alone on a deserted island with one character from 52, which one would it be? I'd choose SuperChief; a lonely, lonely Superchief...
  19. Can you name one villain who should be permanently "relocated" into Superman's Rogues Gallery, and why?
  20. Don't you think Dr. Domino will be one of the Four Horsemen?
  21. Is there a more boring book than Checkmate? I'm having trouble sleeping at night... .
  22. If M. Mallah & the Brain adopted, what would they name the child? I'm thinking "Dominique"... .
  23. If Aquagirl were to develop one superpower, what should it be?
  24. Will there be a new Booster Gold, ya think?
  25. Isn't this the first time we've actually seen Sivana's wife?
  26. Don't you think Northwind should be rehumanified and brought back into the fold of the Hawkman dynasty?
  27. I'm the only person hoping the prophecy will be fulfilled by a monster eating Cassandra Cain, aren't I?
  28. If you were to bring back the Joker's Daughter, how would you do it?
  29. Shouldn't the Giant Lex Luthor Balloon be a recurring character?
  30. Do the Wonder Scouts have merit badges for bondage and neck-wringing, and, if so, how are they earned?
  31. Since the most recent Heroclix map is the Space Map, shouldn't the next one be a Water/Ocean map?
  32. Shouldn't Black Canary start dating Dr. Mid-Nite again?
  33. Was I the only person surprised by John Henry's loss of his new powers?
  34. Doesn't anyone else miss Neptune Perkins?
  35. Isn't it about time we stop mooning over "Cowgirl" and start getting our asses kicked by the Sinestro Corps?
  36. What one villain would you revitalize by making him/her a member of the Sinestro Corps?
  37. If DC published an anthology title with new stories written in a Golden Age style, would you buy it?
  38. If DC published an anthology title with new stories written in a Silver Age style, would you buy it?
  39. If DC published an anthology title with new stories written in a Bronze Age style, would you buy it?
  40. Am I the only person who misses Ferdinand and wonders exactly where a minotaur lives if not at the Themysciran Embassy?
  41. I'm the last person on earth to realize how good Birds of Prey is, aren't I?
  42. Superchief, Ferdinand, Northwind; hmm, do I need therapy or just a weekend at one of William Marston's furry festivals?
  43. Since there will eventually be a new Terraman, what should he be like?
  44. Doesn't anyone at DC remember that Congress can't pass Constitutional amendments without them being ratified by the states?
  45. Is it no longer continuity that Luthor was a third-party candidate?
  46. Has anyone else noticed how much less child molestation and bodies-in-the-backyard there are now that Alan Moore's not writing for DC?
  47. Am I the only person who thinks Rex the Wonderdog should be a supporting player in something other than Shadowpact? I think a talking immortal dog would be perfect in either Wonder Woman or Manhunter... or maybe living with Wendy & Marvin in Teen Titans.
  48. Shouldn't Mr. Terrific be a lot cheerier now that he's getting some?
  49. No one really misses the Ventriloquist, do they?
  50. So, is it Chung Tzu or Chung Zhu? I hope they choose the latter and cover it by saying that Westerners were mispronouncing it, because it's really odd and vaguely disrespectful to name a supervillain after an ancient philosopher for no reason... .
  51. Am I the only person who thinks Dr. Mid-Nite should have his own title, with Dr. Scott consulting?
  52. Isn't there ever going to be a second issue of Digging for the Truth? I am dying to see Josh confront the villain.


Diamondrock said...

1. Yes
2. Haven't seen it
3. I hope so
4. If there is a God
5. Yes
6. Eventually
7. No
8. No
9. Hell no
10. Yes?
11. The latter
12. Because the awesome has rendered the rest of us speechless
13. Wizard
14. I wish
15. She doesn't deserve the mask
16. No
17. No
18. That girl that Jon Standing Bear met on the bus; I've got to pick a girl, after all.
19. Supergirl?
20. I wish...
21. I like Checkmate. It's my Kobra fix.
22. Sounds about right
23. Octopus Communication
24. Probably
25. No; see Ordway's "Power of Shazam"
26. Don't care
27. YES
28. Very carefully
29. Yes
30. Yes; see "28"
31. Yes
32. He's an intelligent, attractive man who treats women as they deserve to be treated. Why did she pick *Oliver Queen* over him?
33. No
34. No
35. Yes
36. Doctor Polaris!
37. Maybe
38. No
39. Probably not
40. No; Central Illinois
41. Yes
42. Super Chief is just wearing a mask
43. Taller
44. Apparently not
45. No idea
46. I didn't read DC when Moore was writing...
47. No
48. Yes
49. No
50. I don't know
51. No; that Matt Wagner mini was the definition of awesome. It's one of my favorite trade paperbacks.
52. Outcome uncertain

Scipio said...

"18. That girl that Jon Standing Bear met on the bus; I've got to pick a girl, after all."

You do know that girl is in Birds of Prey now, right? She's the new Batgirl...

Steven said...

1. Wow, no.

2. Yes.

3. Eventually, yeah, either under his real name or a new character taking up the mantle.

4. Someday.

5. Maybe Skeets has an evil twin.

6. Ask Gail.

7. "Deserve"? I think Montoya is a better character as a cop, not a superhero, and Vic Sage is too cool to be dead for long, but I don't think she doesn't merit a larger role in the DCU.

8. (need to go to comics shop)

9. Nope.

10. No, it's not safe.

11. Lopez.

12. Nope.

13. Wizard.

14. Eh, more like four Justice Lord characters. Maybe a Starro pog.

15. With her mad skillz.

16. Nope.

17. Yeah, probably.

18. Isis.

19. Clayface, latest iteration. Too powerful for Batman, just right for Superman.

20. Bah, like there's three other characters that could stand with Dr. Domino.

21. Have you read Civil War?

22. Dolores

23. Be interesting

24. Probably the old Booster Gold. Time travel's cool like that.

25. No.

26. I don't really think about Northwind.

27. Well, lot's of people thought the prophecy was about Cassandra, not Kate, but yeah, you're probably the only one that WANTED it to happen.

28. Something like the Harley Quinn origin, a sick, obsessed fan.

29. Probably, yes.

30. With lots of spanking.

31. Sure, why not.

32. No. She's never going to really get over Ollie and Pietr deserves a lot better.

33. Yes, considering it was established as a plot point back in issue 20.

34. No one misses Neptune Perkins. Except maybe King Shark, who thought he was tasty.

35. Yes.

36. Hector Hammond. Give him a giant gold body to go with his big pink head.

37. No.

38. No.

39. No.

40. No you're not, but I'm guessing a Minotaur in New York can get a job in publishing easy enough.

41. Yes!

42. Both.

43. An environmental terrorist, like Poison Ivy.

44. DC the company? or the city?

45. Last I checked it was.

46. Buh wha?

47. JL Rex!

48. You'd think.

49. No.

50. It's Egg Fu.

51. No, and I second a Matt Wagner, Dr. Scott Mid-Nite series (though, you know, fix the spelling).

52. Only if the demand is there.

rachelle said...

I answered most of them:

1. No. I wan't him to get his groove back.
2. But the women are also strippers and cheerleaders.
3. No. He'll turn out to be evil or fake.
4. Fingers crossed!
5. Probably
6. I miss Ray.
7. At this point...yes.
8. You're the expert.
9. I totally want him to have his own series and movie.
10. Pretty much.
11. Connor.
12. I hear it's actually good...I just can't do it.
13. I'd say Wizard.
14. You lost me.
15. In the hottest way imaginable.
16. I wouldn't mind that. Dude is ripped.
17. I probably won't call him anything.
18. What about a character that could get you off the island? No? Then I choose Magnus. I have a bit of a crush.
19. Supergirl is a great answer. I have to say, I'm pretty tired of Bizarro. He's been so over-used lately.
21. I'm not reading it for that very reason.
24. I really don't think it's necessary.
25. As far as I can recall.
26. I don't he hot?
27. I like her. But I also like people being eaten by monsters, so I'm torn.
28. In the next Batman movie.
29. I think it should be stored in the Batcave.
32. I would love anyone to date Dr Mid-Nite.
33. I was surprised...and pleased.
36. Clock King (I'm on a kick right now)
37. Absolutely.
38. Even more so.
39. If you just said 'If DC published an anthology, would you buy it?' my answer would still be yes.
41. I actually just got into it. Don't ask me why I waited so long.
42. The festival, then the therapy.
44. DC can't even remember that fire can't be frozen.
45. I was actually wondering that myself.
46. Brutal rape is the new child molestation.
48. Maybe he's not getting the right kind of 'some'
49. No. But I think they're bringing him back anyway. Somehow.
50. I hope it becomes Chung Shoe.
51. I'm all for Dr Mid-Nite. I'd like an Hour Man title as well.

SallyP said...

Well, Aquagirl could get a personality, Black Canary and Dr. Midnight should definitely get together, and "Tawkey Crawkey" just cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Too...many...questions...buzzing answer...them...all...

1. The Acolytes of Dibney do not pray for the death of their idol. They do, however, pray that he loses the annoying helmet sidekick.

2. I'm not sure about that. For the women you have Nikki/Jessica and the Cheerleader with the physical powers, but the guys have Sylar, Radiation Dude and Nikki's insubstantial husband. And while the men are ahead on mental powers, the women do have redheaded waitress and do-what-I-say Eden, so I think it's pretty much a wash.

4. Hopefully ENTOURAGE ruined the chances of that ever happening. If anyone less than Jim Cameron signs on to do it, the geeks shall revolt.

9. I seriously hope so.

12. Because you're paranoid delusional? You must be, since I'm reading it too.

15. The same way The Huntress did with Vic on Justice League Unlimited--with a bit of guess work.

16. I'll just be happy with her having a dynasty that doesn't suck.

17. Well, I am now....

18. Batwoman. No question. Yes, she's a lesbian, but after a couple of years of isolation and loneliness I think we can get past that.

24. No, because I don't think the real Booster Gold is dead.

27. No, you're not. She freaks me out.

28. In a flaming chariot straight from Heaven.

29. Chemo's gone, so why not?

34. I'm going to have to say no on this one.

37. Probably not.

38. Definitely.

39. Depends on the writer.

41. No, but they're all Marvel readers so they don't count.

42. I was about to suggest therapy, but then I remembered how attracted I was to Cheetah in the latest issue of WW.

43. He should be a she. Only women can wear cowboy hats without looking ridiculous.

44. Your question suggests that they knew this in the first place.

47. I'm really liking Shadowpact, so I'm perfectly happy where he is.

48. Some people just aren't wired for happiness.

49. Who? See, I've forgotten him already.

Nacho said...

32- OH YES.

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

1) Not if you've been reading his diary.
3) I think this was implied in some of the past interviews with the writers and editors.
5) Er, yes.
7) Probably not, but I disagree nonetheless.
20) If Egg Fu can sneak in...
21) Are you kidding? Checkmate's one of DC's best books, as far as I'm concerned. It's certainly a lot different than most of what's out there.
27) You're aware of the huge fuss over Freedom Ring's death, I hope.
28) "Hey, you're back. S'up?"
33) This is what happens when you read a comics blog before reading the week's comics pile.
35) I'm a wait-for-the-TPBer. Pacing problems do not affect me. Pfft.
37) Yes.
40) Nope.
41) Quite likely.
45) That would be disappointing.
46) Actually, no.
49) I miss the one Brian Azzarello wrote in Broken City.

Anonymous said...

>> 5. Am I the only person who still believes in the possible innocence of Skeets?<<


>> 10. It's perfectly safe to assume that Dr. Light is the Evil Mastermind behind all the other villians in JLA, isn't it? <<

He's either it, or the first-string fall-guy for whoever really is it. Man, I hope it's not Luthor AGAIN.

>> 16. I am the only person who thinks Hercules should now be a permanent addition to Wonder Woman's "dynasty"?<<

I forget what category "Mom's rapist" falls under, in the Dynastic Centerpiece model, but Hercules has always had a role in WW's legend.

>> 19. Can you name one villain who should be permanently "relocated" into Superman's Rogues Gallery, and why?<<

No, but for reasons that would take too long to explain, some superficial, some sensible, some not, I seriously think Brainiac should become a Martian Manhunter villain. But then, I also think MM should have a complete stable of Dynastic Centerpiece supporting characters.

>> 23. If Aquagirl were to develop one superpower, what should it be?<<

The ability to guest-star in more popular titles and be interesting enough to lure unsuspecting readers back to her home pages.

>> 24. Will there be a new Booster Gold, ya think?<<

Yes, and he'll be a chick, too. But they won't let the trademark expire on the character name, so whatever is the statute of limitations for that is all the longer we'll be Boosterless, I bet.

>> 26. Don't you think Northwind should be rehumanified and brought back into the fold of the Hawkman dynasty?<<

With or without rehumanification, yes. Or with a long-running rehumanization plot, even. But yes, that is, yes.

>> 28. If you were to bring back the Joker's Daughter, how would you do it? <<

Very reluctantly, and in such a way that the next writer could easily get rid of her, after our editors came back to their senses.

>> 32. Shouldn't Black Canary start dating Dr. Mid-Nite again?<<

Yes, immediately.

>> 36. What one villain would you revitalize by making him/her a member of the Sinestro Corps?<<

Copperhead. Just kidding.
Black Hand. He needs it, and it could work.

>> 40. Am I the only person who misses Ferdinand and wonders exactly where a minotaur lives if not at the Themysciran Embassy?<<

Say, now that you mention it...

>> 41. I'm the last person on earth to realize how good Birds of Prey is, aren't I?<<

Not yet, you're not.

>> 43. Since there will eventually be a new Terraman, what should he be like? <<

He should be a supremely irritating scoldy hippy SUV-burny wanker, with a headful of voodoo climatology, and a formidable set of super powers that come from someplace/somebody besides Gaea. Plus he needs to be a chick.
Wait! Strike all that!
The new Terra Man needs to be the old Rama Khan, who DID get his powers from Gaea. Gaea kicked him to the curb in JLA #64, May 2002, and he's been pissed off ever since.

>> 46. Has anyone else noticed how much less child molestation and bodies-in-the-backyard there are now that Alan Moore's not writing for DC?<<

Not until just now, no. Thanks, I think.

>> 50. So, is it Chung Tzu or Chung Zhu? I hope they choose the latter and cover it by saying that Westerners were mispronouncing it, because it's really odd and vaguely disrespectful to name a supervillain after an ancient philosopher for no reason... .<<

It's pronounced "Egg Fu."

>> 51. Am I the only person who thinks Dr. Mid-Nite should have his own title, with Dr. Scott consulting?

Dr. Mid-Nite should have his own title AND should, in all justice, evolve into a Dynastic Centerpiece in his own right, as should Dr. Fate and The Martian damn Manhunter.
Villain stable: The Crime Doctor as Arch Enemy, The Shadower as Lunatic, probably NOT the Terrible Trio (please) as Untouchable Crime Lord, and Dr. Light as Evil Opposite, for starters.

Alexi Sivana said...

5. Naaahhhh, it's probably Solaris &/or OMAC.

11. Mario.

12. Ditto with the silenced by awesomeness.

15. I see bench-presses with the tongue in her future...

36. Chronos... the dead one.

46. And the soccer-moms cheer!

47. While it's nice to see Rex and Bobo together again, I think he'd fit in perfectly with Diana.

51. Dr. Gene Scott?

Anonymous said...

I answered the ones I could:

1. Yes. But not daily, just on Wednesdays.
2. Yes.
3. After he's unmasked and revealed to be Lightray, yes.
4. No.
5. Yes, you are.
6. Atom #17
7. I don't think anybody believes she deserves to be it, save Rucka.
9. I do as well.
10. Huh?
13. Jeebus, Joe Quesada? One more reason I'm glad I don't read Wizard.
15. Batwoman will have the gas to remove the Pseudoderm mask in her utility belt.
16. Nope, I agree.
18. Assmuming that Black Adam could never find us, Isis.
19. Grodd, because Grodd is awesome but the new Flash series is so unbearable I'm afraid I'll never see him again.
23. Underwater invisibility. Then get her into a Tales of Sub Diego mini.
24. At some point, obviously.
26. No. While I'd like to see him get along with Carter, I think he and his race, hanging out in Khandaq, is pretty cool (and hey, we haven't seen any of the, whaddya call em, Feitherean guys, flying around Khandaq? I don't think I even saw Northwind at the Black Adam-Isis wedding.). Plus, Northwind from the Infinity Inc. days looks and sounds like a terribly lame character.
28. Probably with Gorgomesh, the Super Gorilla (with cybernetic arms).
29. Absolutely.
32. I dunno. Is he any good with kids?
37-39. Maybe. I'd like to see them try it out in pamphlet form, first.
40. During 52, Diana probably finds him a nice job and home somewhere in Boston.
41. Only until the next person tries it out.
44. Yes, but they work in the mail room. Why do you ask this question?
47. All excellent suggestions.
48. I dunno. I would be. But maybe he still has issues left over from his wife's death.
49. No.
51. I checked the credits of JSA Classified for a Polite Scott mention (ala BOP), and was surprised not to see it. Good suggestion. Would be cancelled after 10 issues, but still, I'd read it.

Marionette said...

1. No
2. No. Cheerleader girl's power is almost always used passively or reactively, as in something happens to her but she fails to be damaged. The only time she used it in an active way (of the episodes I've seen, I'm a little behind) was the car crash.
3. I'm guessing not, since I get the impression that when his identity is revealed he will turn out to be someone we already know under another name.
4. How long are you prepared to wait?
5. Yes.
6. I dunno. Is Hawkman still dead?
7. No. There is an old man in Wyoming who thinks that faceless lesbians are creepy.
8. Yes.
9. No, the old man in Wyoming likes native american stereotypes.
10. No.
11. I don't care.
12. Because you don't read the blogs of anyone else who has written about it.
13. All of the above.
14. No.
15. With her lips.
16. No, there is a teenage girl in Indiana who has had a thing for Hercules in any form since she watched Xena.
17. No.
18. Pole Dancer.
19. Lex Luthor's "niece" Nasty. Because she hasn't had anything to do in 30 years.
20. No.
21. Anything written by Roy Thomas in the last 10 years in which he plugs a continuity gap nobody cares about in a golden age comic nobody has read in 50 years.
22. Works for me.
23. Super weaving.
24. No. I think there will be an old one.
25. It's the first time I've seen her.
26. No.
27. Old man in Wyoming.
28. I'd have her complain to the Joker that he doesn't show her enough attention.
29. You mean it isn't?
30. Yes. They are earned by bondage and neck-wringing.
31. Whatever.
32. No.
33. No, there are 3 brothers in Northern Dakota who were stunned.
34. Who?
35. No. Cowgirl is cool. I mean, she has the proportional strength of a cow. Or something.
36. Mr. Mind
37. Depends which golden age style you mean, as there is quite a diverse range, but on the whole, probably not.
38. Binder, Kanigher, yes. Broome, Fox, no.
39. No.
40. No, there is a one legged, irish seacaptain who worries about it incessently.
41. No, there is a small village in the Amazon Basin that has never seen an issue of Birds of Prey and so everyone who lives there is ignorant of its goodness.
42. Yes.
43. Like Terra, only, you know, a guy.
44. Yes, but they don't care.
45. Maybe.
46. Frank Miller is trying to make up the shortfall.
47. Yes.
48. You'd think.
49. Mrs. Ventriloquist is inconsoleable.
50. Neon Genesis Evangelion
51. Yes. You are the only person in the world who thinks this.
52. No. Digging for the Truth has been retconned out of contiuity.

Devon Sanders said...

41. ...and it only took me 100 issues of Bop to get him to realize it.

Scipio said...

"I forget what category "Mom's rapist" falls under, in the Dynastic Centerpiece model"

Black Sheep.

Anonymous said...

In 52: The Movie, does anyone else out there think John Waters would be the perfect T.O. Morrow?

Anonymous said...

1) Nah, I hope Sue comes back, her banter with Ralph was one of my favorite parts of James Robinsons's "Grand Guignol" arc

2)No, but then again I haven't been watching it regularly


4)God I hope so

5)Apparently, although I hope you turn out to be right

6)I'm sure they will sooner or later


8)I'm sure there's something worse written about her somewhere on the internet, in the pages of her own mag though? Probably not.

9)Apparently not.

10)Sounds about right

11)Mario. Chuck Dixon's writing Hawke again and given his view of the "is Conner gay" subject (as stated in his article"Ramifications of Having Two Strong Female Leads" at I figure Conner's going to be hetro for a while yet.

12)Not sure. I'm not reading but I've seen it mentioned in several other blogs

13)It speaks well of you, poorly of Wizard, and Joe? well I guess it says he's doing something right.

15)Maybe she'll peel it off ala the Huntress/Question scene in JLU


17)Definetly. Tawky Crawky's a great sidekick name! Besides, Sobek's already an Azrael rogue


19)Mano from the Zero Hour reboot. He's the last survivor of his race and that mitt of his could actually do some damage to Supes.

On a related note, I'd like to export Mongul, Toyman and Prankster to Green Lantern, Batman, and Green Arrow, respectively.

22)Dominique if it's a girl, Fidel in honour of Mallah's close personal friend from Cuba

23)The ability to eat rocks and expel them again as a blinding dust cloud.
I'm pretty sure there's a kind of fish that can do that.

24)Kind of hoping the old Booster will come back somehow

26) Actually, I think he'd make a great Green Arrow rogue if they went the full Kingdom Come route and turned him into a dehumanified eco-terrorist


28) As part of a team of rejected Batman sidekicks made up of her, Azrael, Cassandra Cain, Flame Bird, Harold, Spoiler, Henri Ducard and the new Batwoman once a new editorial staff comes on board and decides to scrap her in favor of whatever new kewl sidekick they want to introduce.

30)Of course. By tying people up and wringing people's necks most likely.

31)If they did it would be the fist Heroclix merchandise I ever bought

32)Sounds good to me. They were so cute on their dinner date at the start of Geoff John's King of Tears arc

34)*raises hand* Aquaman needs some kind of supporting character to act the US gov't's voice.

35)Stop mooning over Cowgirl? Yes. But I could stand to see him get kicked in the head by the Global Guardians a few times before we move onto the Sinestro Corps

36)That evil GL Kyle gave a ring to in that GLC prestige series that came out after "Emarald Knights"

37)No. I don't think the feel of Golden age comics could be reliably recreated on a consistent basis.

38)No. Morisson comes close some times but I've yet to read a silver age pastiche that actually feels like a silver age comic.

39)No. I don't care for most bronze age writing.

40)No. I kinda hope he moved in with Dr. Leslie Anderson

43)The son of an wild west bandit who watched as his father was gunned down by Sherif Kent. Adopted by silicon based aliens who re-engineered him to survive in their environment.

He returns with a desire to take his revenge on the Kent family and powers that are essentially a mix of Sandman's, Sand's and Terra's, but cranked up to the point that he poses a legitimate challenge to Clark
(like beating him over the head with the continent of North America or threaten to sink the Earth's crust beneath the mantle if CK doesn't publicly put a bullet through Pa's head).

45) Why? Have they started saying he was a republican?

46)Not til right now. Seems to be as many rapes though.

47)Until DC comes to their senses and appoint him leader of the JLA I think he's fine where he is.

48)I guess.

49)I do. A little bit. Not as much as say, Jack Knight, though.

51)Not anymore :)

Tom Foss said...

1. No, in fact, there's not a single major 52 character that I want to see dead.
2. I haven't been watching Heroes, but that sort of thing has been done enough before that it's kind of cliché. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror where Bart and Lisa get superpowers comes to mind.
3. Probably; that costume's too cool to waste. And even if Supernova dies, someone else will pop up with the costume in the months afterward. Probably a woman. Just like Strange Visitor.
4. Depends on how well "Sub-Mariner" does.
5. I think there's more to it than 'Skeets went evil.' Someone mentioned that the Time Trapper hasn't shown his lack-of-a-face around lately, and that seems like a glaring omission...
6. Probably not 'til either JSA picks up or Hawkman gets a comic not devoted to Kendra's nipples.
7. Probably. I think Montoya deserves better than being the Question, but I wouldn't be totally surprised if there's yet another twist in that story before the end.
8. Didn't you just do a week of that?
9. No, there's Mark Waid too.
10. Um...
11. Mario Lopez. Conner Hawke has been repeatedly and vehemently determined not to be gay. He's just a former monk who's bad with women. Uh...
12. Probably because no one's talking about it. It's the second-best book to come out of Brave New World (though that's not saying much, I realize), but it doesn't have the name power or nudity power of All-New Atom, and I think the art is (ironically) turning some people off.
13. Must be Joe. We already knew that Wizard fellates Marvel with zeal, and we already knew that you're no Marvel Zombie, so by default it must be Joe. And it must be that "professional people who behave like undersexed pubescent boys tend to reward each other."
14. Only if the Starro-controlled Superman is wearing the costume from the Batman Beyond episode "The Call."
15. Carefully.
16. Nope, I've been thinking that since he was Champion (horrible though that arc was). Side question: has the DC Hercules ever looked so much like the Marvel version? He's wearing the same costume and hairstyle in the flashback.
17. Yes.
18. Somehow, euthanasia enthusiast Super-Chief is the last person I'd want to live with on an island with limited food resources. I'd say Ambush Bug, for obvious reasons.
19. I can think of one who should be moved *out*: The Prankster. He's never really fit. To put into the rogue's gallery? How about Eclipso? Eclipso's got magic-based powers that are strongest when Superman is weakest--i.e., when there's no sunlight. Seems like a good fit.
21. Are you reading Martian Manhunter?
22. If the world were just, they'd name it "Ultra-Humanite."
23. Water balls, natch.
24. Yes. Another 'too good for the costume to not get reused' character. Plus, we've already got a ready-made replacement in his ancestor.
26. Nah, I like him as one of Black Adam's pals, and the black sheep of the Hawkman dynasty. Besides, mohawks are out, despite the resurgence of Nuklon.
27. Depends on which Cassandra Cain you're talking about. Hm...might be that being eaten by a monster is what turns her evil...maybe the 'ripping out her heart' thing is more figurative than previously thought.
28. By not making her the Joker's actual daughter. Maybe something along the lines of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Harley and Joker adopt the creepiest kid this side of Damien), but I've always preferred the interpretation that Duela Dent is an unbalanced attention-whore.
29. Absolutely. I want to see it duke it out with the giant Superman balloon.
30. The same way that normal scouts earn those badges: hard-work and preparation.
31. Probably. Or an old west one.
32. Is he next on the cycle? Doesn't she have to go back to Ra's first?
33. Yes.
34. Yes. Because nothing says awesome like a sleeveless shirt and gloves.
35. Absolutely.
36. Phobia, or maybe Scarecrow's assistant, Fright. A character who has fear-powered powers and fear-enhancing powers is about as close as you can get to a supervillainous perpetual motion machine.
37. Maybe.
38. Yes, at least for awhile.
39. Maybe. Does 'bronze age' include the '80s? Because then, yes.
40. Nope. I miss just about everything from Rucka's run. Especially punctuality.
41. Yep. Makes me feel better, I must say.
42. Don't worry, there are countless websites which will accept you as one of their own. However, you may find yourself complaining about a very different sort of "cowgirl."
43. Eco-terrorist cowboy from the past with future technology? Sounds like he should be like a Morrison character.
44. Yes, the same number of people at Marvel who remember that Spider-Man has the ability to sense impending danger.
45. Last I checked, he was. And according to Margot Kidder, better than the other two.
46., actually. Does this mean that Moore's connected to the rape and violence toward women too?
47. He'd be perfect for Manhunter, but I'd like to see him join the JSA. He is, after all, DC's Captain America. He deserves a spot with the old soldiers.
48. Nah, atheists are bitter, brooding, and cynical, remember? It's not just women who get stereotyped in comics.
49. I do. I really, really do.
50. Maybe that's one of the nine thousand something names he's talking about.
51. Yes, but that's only because I'm already buying too many books.
52. Wait 'til next Free Comic Day.

Scipio said...

"23)The ability to eat rocks and expel them again as a blinding dust cloud. "

Hey; then she could join the Legion!

Scipio said...

"How about Eclipso? "

Very good call, Tom. He's also a strong commentary on the dual identity concept. He'd be a perfect Superman villain.

And by Eclipso I mean the real Eclipso, a wicked malevolent creature, not a man-maddened conveniently crazy female support character.

Anonymous said...

1. Of course. I've read the showcase to you know.
2. Except of course for Syler. He rips skulls apart with his mind. Or maybe he's really a she who can also grow a beard. That and the guy who radiates... radiation. Thats pretty deadly he burned that doctor to death with it.
3. Yes but in his revealed form
4. Saddly no.
5. Probably
6. When Hawkman's not "missing" anymore.
7. You're not because she doesn't.
8. Yes.
9. No. I know this dude...
10. Yep
11. Mario.
12. You aren't! I read it to!
13. More about you.
14. That'd be sweet.
15. She shouldn't have to worry about that.
16. I thought he already was?
17. Yes I will.
18. Richard Dragon. I'd never go hungry.
19. Doctor Polaris's Zombie. Because that'd be awesome.
20. Sure why not.
21. I yawn through x-men.
22. Ralph, because they would love the irony of two cultured super-villians having a child named Ralph.
23. Talking to fish.
24. Of course.
25. I believe so.
26. No because he's the polar opposite of Hector. Hector was to stubborn and dumb, Northwind was wishy washy. At least in all the issues of Ifnity Inc. I have.
27. Nope, I want her to die.
28. I wouldn't though.
29. Yes it should.
30. By neck wringing and bondage of course.
31. Yay I'd have a use for Aquaman!
32. She should and probably will and then somebody will come along and fix her and GA up again. Wash, rinse, repeat.
33. I kinda expected it. If he laid the law down on his Niece while powered it would mean a thing. If he did it as the old steel, with nothing but a suit he made for himself, it'd prove a point.
34. Yes.
35. Hell yes. Introduce a concept and drop it off like that...
36. Doctor Polaris's Zombie. Then make him rebell and go fight Superman.
37. Nope.
38. I already by Showcases and, just like reruns, if I ain't seen it it's new to me.
39. Nope.
40. I don't.
41. I still don't think it's the greatest book ever like most people seem to.
42. Ha Ha, Yiffing.
43. Exactly like the old one only younger, female, and obviously a shiny new costume. It seems to work for the red bee, and everyone loves the red bee.
44. No, but I don't think our states remember anymore.
45. Hmm... I don't know.
46. Yeah I noticed to. Kinda... nice.
47. Wendy&Marvin teaming up with Wonderdog is the best Idea ever.
48. That would imply he could ever be cheery.
49. I do.
50. Like some one else said, it's Egg Fu. I don't care what the giant talking egg says.
51. Dr. Mid-nite would be neat.
52. No, never. Satan mocks you!

Anonymous said...

1)Yes and No. I want to be surprised, and somehow, if he dies, I wont be surprised.
2)I havent watched the show yet (I know, I'm an embaressment)
3)No. Death is in his future.
4)Maybe, but doubtfull.
5)I was ranting about this on the DC messageboards. I think he's just trying to save his own existance.
6)Beats me.
7)I dont think she will become The least not in the same way Vic Sage is The Question.
8)No. Not at all.
9)He will, dont worry, he will.
10)No. I dont think so.
11)Mario Lopez.
12)I'm reading Freedom Fighters and loving it.
15)She wont be.
16)I thought he was already.
17)lol. No, Sobek is fine with me lol. (I still call Tawky Tawny "That Tiger guy")
18)hmmm...Mary Marvel.
19)hmmm. Good question. Maybe Mad Hatter or Sivana. I dont know why.
20)ha. No.
21)I love Checkmate.
22)Probably something they think is funny, but in reality is quite un-humorous.
23)Not sucking Bam!
25)The first time I've seen her. I was under the impression she was around in the Fawcett comics.
26)sure, why not. (As you can see, I really dont care about Hawkman).
27)She lives.
28)Ask Geoff Johns. He seems to be doing it in Teen Titans.
29)ha. Sure, and in fact, it should get its own weekly book.
30)Not going there.
31)why not.
32)No, she should start dating me.
33)I was a little surprised.
34)Yes, actually I do.
35)I have no clue what to even make of this.
36)hmmm. Marvel comics Turner D. Century lol.
37)At least one issue I'd buy and see from there.
38)see above
39)see above.
40)I do.
41)Probably. The book is amazing.
42)Fury Festival.
43)Actually, I like the Terraman that was killed. Damn shame. Bring him back.
44)Apparantly not.
45)why wouldnt it be?
46)I like Alan Moore.
48)haha. One would think, but also one would say that since he's the third most smartest person in the world that he realizes that there's not much to be happy about.
50)I like your reasons.
52)I really could care less.

-Billy F

CalvinPitt said...

1. Not really.

3. I'm gonna say no.

5. Well, I guess killing Waverider could be a public service.

7. I think if she was given a couple years (DCU time), she could deserve it, but at this moment, not ready.

9. I'd be fine with his return.

13. Wizard. Their definition of "Man of the Year" needs some work.

27. Well, as evidenced by some other commenters, no you aren't. But once again, we find ourselves on the opposite sides of this.

32. Better than her getting back together with Ollie...again.

35. That'd be great! At the pace Johns is going, I expect the Sinestro Corps to show up about 2009, so make sure you've got a comfy chair and some snacks. Maybe use the opportunity to take SuperChief to that island...

41. Well, given I still don't like BoP enough to actually purchase it, probably not.

48. That's why he's less cheery. The job is starting to interfere with his night life.

50. Are we sure the supervillain didn't come first?

Anonymous said...

1. God I hope so. I can't stand him.
3. No, he's someone we know probably.
7. No. Vic Sage should stay the Question, though he's almost certainly toast.
11. Mario Lopez isn't usually my cup of tea, but whew, that picture you've got posted makes me all warm and tingly. What a big jumprope he's got...
17. Tawky Crawky it is!
18. A lonely, lonely Booster Gold. Alive that is.
23. Becoming one with water, ala Aquamaria from Blood Syndicate.
27. My first thought when I saw that was that Cassandra will be targeted for the prophecy and then cheat it somehow.
34. Yeah, I do. I thought he got a bum deal in IC. A Roy Thomas character deserved a better fate than what he got.
47. Rex is awesome! I'm thinking he'd be a great Blue Beetle sidekick.
51. Dr. Mid-Nite is terrific. A series that is Six Feet Under meets Quincy meets House. Second making a new Crime Doctor be his nemesis. Dr. Scott might be too busy with his own practice, but sure, if he's got time to his blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I love the Freedom Fighters! I'm surprised...I was a huge fan of the original characters.

Scotus said...

1. No. I'm enjoying grim and gritty Ralph more than I thought I would.

2. No, but it's an interesting observation. Aside from Peter, the guys have the better powers, though.

3. Hopefully not. Stupid name for a band, stupid name for a superhero.

5. Yes. Although, I certainly didn't have a problem with him killing Booster's ancestor or Super Chief, so I'd probably vote to acquit.

7. Sigh. No. And I'm starting to think that it's DC's ultimate goal for every character to eventually be a "legacy hero."

9. God willing, yes.

15. I'm sure a number of fanfics will tackle this very question.

19. Deathstroke.

21. No. Ostrander should be writing this. Rucka even managed to make the Suicide Squad dull.

24. Undoubtedly. (See the answer to #7.)

44. Probably not. But speaking of DC's lack of understanding of Congress, am I the only one who's bugged by the decision to make a Lorraine Reilly a senator, when making her a congresswoman would have served the exact same purpose and been a hundred times more believable?

45. I've given up trying to figure out Luthor and continuity. I think DC has, too.

Diamondrock said...

Oh, yeah. Eclipso would be my choice now that it's not 2 am anymore...

He was actually the villain in the third of the three Superman movies I planned out awhile back. That was fun...

Anonymous said...

1. No.

2. Yes.

3. I think he already was, and still is.

5. No.

8. If so, I haven't read it.

10. There's a mind behind JLA?

12. As far as I know, you are. Should I be?

13. Wizard.

16. No. Though I'm not sure if he's the Black Sheep or the Female Counterpart.

18. Starfire.

26. Nah. Northwind's concept and character design always left me cold.

33. Yeah. I thought they'd gone and ruined him for good.

36. Goldface.

37. Perhaps. I haven't actually read enough Golden Age stuff to know.

38. Yes.

40. No. He deserves a place in Wonder Woman's dynasty.

41. Yes.

42. Oh, yes.

47. Rex the Wonder Dog should arrange the quiet retirement of Wendy and Marvin. Those two completely turned me off Titans.

48. You'd think so, but apparently grim = smart in comics shorthand. But then, see point 21. I'm waiting for the new JSA to see the real Mr. Terrific.

51. I'd buy it.

-- Jack of Spades

Anonymous said...

43.) I'd love a new Terra-man more in the spirit of the Pre-Crisis one. Super futuristic weapons styled like the old West. The flying horse, maybe not so much. If they want to add something to him, just make him believe he actually IS in the Wild West.

Anonymous said...

1. Hells no! I'm still waiting for Elastic Man: Sword of Opal City!
2. No, but interesting now that you mention it.
3. I think it all depends on who's under the mask.
4. If there's a God!
5. Probably.
6. That's what I'm asking!
7. I think it would be interesting, but, it seems like a Wildcat to Wildcat II moment.
8. No! It was AWESOME!
9. I want them to bring him back and call him Apache Chief!
10. Of course.
11. It'll be a tie.
12. Probably for the same reason I feel like I'm the only person reading this AWESOME series. New Red Bee, man!!!!!!!!!
13. All three.
14. Absolutely.
15. Carefully.
16. Herk-oo-leez! Herk-oo-leez! Herk-oo-leez!
17. Love it!
18. Tawky Tawny.
19. Dr. Light because, suddenly, he's more powerful than anybody.
20. Why not.
21. I love Checkmate, but I think it definitely needs to have more action.
22. I'd go for MaBra...
23. The power to talk to plankton.
24. Of course. What's a world without a Booster Gold.
25. I think so.
26. Yes.
27. Oooo! Interesting!
28. Carefully.
29. Absolutely.
30. I don't know, but I think there are several future megalomaniacs in a trash bin somewhere in some alley with their necks broken.
31. Atlantis, baby, Atlantis!
32. Hellz ya!
33. No. I, too, was surprised.
34. YES! I loved Neptune Perkins! Hell, let's bring Tsunami back, too!
35. Dear god, yes.
36. Hello? Isn't it obvious. Mr. Mind.
37. God yes!
38. God yes!
39. God yes!
40. You're on your own there, kiddo.
41. Yes, I knew they were awesome from the beginning!
42. Both.
43. Funny and kinda sexy.
44. Obviously not...but, that's not half as bad as Marvel and its reworking of how government works.
45. I hope not.
46. Yes.
47. Rex would be perfect as a voice of reason for the Martian Manhunter.
48. You'd think, huh?
49. Um, no.
50. You and me both.
51. Isn't it now called JSA Classified?
52. Let's just pray.

Anonymous said...

10. Meltzer has to be more clever than that.

21. The Suicide Squad story was pretty decent, I thought.

23. Waterballs.

24. Or just the old one, having pulled the ultimate publicity stunt of faking his own death.

25. I believe so. She's been mentioned, and I think shown in photos and whatnot, but never in person.

27. Definately not. I actually liked Batgirl, and even like the current direction for her. The crazy fans really turn me off though.

36. Even though he doesn't need it, make Scarecrow a member, though only temporarily. It's almost too obvious, though.

46. Yep. Much as I can respect his work, the whole "dark and dreary" vibe in a lot of his work gets old fast. My favorite work of his was always the Green Lantern tale that introduced Rot Lop Fan.

49. Nope, even though he's already coming back in Detective Comics soon.

Anonymous said...

1. No, but if he does I hope he gets to team up with Sue to solve mysteries in DCU Heaven. "Somebody ate St. Peter's gingerbread cookies?"
2. I hadn't noticed. Pixie-girl seems to be an exception, though. And dead waitress.
3. Depends on who is under the mask, but as Supernova? Probably not.
4. Someday.
5. I know I'm hoping Original Skeets will show up to open a golden can of whup-ass on his mustach-twisting-snidley-whiplash of a mirror universe clone.
6. The sooner the better, and hopefully in the pages of the Atom's own title (Go Gail!)
7. Nope.

9. Nope! Although it sounds like my motivations are different from yours...

11. M-Lo. Overcompensating much?
12. It is a guilty pleasure?
13. Wizard.
14. Ooooh...neat idea! And a Starro maxi-fig. And a team ability! And a quicklime pog...
15. I dunno, but I'll bet it sure beats a dental dam.

17. Oh hell yeah.
18. Black Canary. Or Zatanna. Either way, we'd never run out of fish.
19. Egg F...I mean, Chung Tzu and his stable of Mad Scientists.
20. Don't I wish it...
21. Ask Tuesday Next for advice on this one.
22. Rene. They'd think him, there for he'd be.
23. The ability to pull herself out of limbo and into a well-written ongoing series.
24. Why does there need to be a new one? Time travel leaves infinate possibilities.

26. Yup. Poor birdface.
27. She is a more logical subject of the prophecy.
28. Angry as hell and wielding a large mallet with her father's face on it, in the vein of the Super Powers Joker action figure. Oh wait, you mean by what mechanism?
29. I think he deserves a talk show way more than Jack Ryder does.

32. Barring her getting stranded on a desert island with me, sure. They were a good couple.

34. Sometimes.
35. YES!
36. Rainbow Raider bay-bee! "Tremble before the power of my mighty red beam!" "Uh, Roy, it's yellow."
37. Yes.
38. YES!
39. Yes, but I have a weakness for anthologies. I own the complete run of Action Comics Weekly. Worst Green Lantern Ever.
40. Nope.
41. Might be.
42. Whatever makes you happy.
43. Full of candy, so that when someone inevitably throws him on the chopping block to demonstrate how 'tuff' their favorite character is, at least the children below will get tasty snacks.
44. How about the folks at Marvel with their legally questionable hero registration and enforcement?

Tony said...

I think I was the second-to-last person to realize how good Birds of Prey is. I feel kind of bad I'm only picking it up in tpb format.

Freedom Fighters rocked my socks off for four issues straight. In Issue 5, I feel like they're relying too much on "Golden Age revamp appears out of nowhere to menace our heroes or save the day" gimmick. But I'm on board for No. 6 and clamoring for an ongoing.

Anonymous said...

1. Nope. I have no great love for the character, but I find his story one of the better ones of the series.
2. Yep, pretty cool.
3. Don't think so.
4. Nope. Hopefully he'll be part of a Justice League movie starring Christian Bale and Brandon Routh.
5. Nope. I suspect there's some time-twisting going on here, and a "good" Skeets is somewhere.
6. All-New Atom #12. Just a guess.
7. She doesn't. But her story isn't over.
8. It was pretty harsh. Circe rocks.
9. Hmm... probably. But I don't want him not to come back.
10. I wouldn't assume that, no.
11. Mario. Sorry Conner.
12. I dunno. I read it faithfully and love it; a top 3 book easily right now.
13. In order: Wizard, you, then Joe.
14. That my friend, is genius. Somehow though, I don't expect them to command the same buzz. :)
15. Who says she'll kiss her on the mouth?
16. Meh.
17. Yep!
18. Natasha Irons.
19. Monarch. He can be Superman's "Two-Face", and can go toe-to-toe with Big Blue as well.
20. Which one? In a gutsy casting call, Etta Candy will be "Famine".
21. Nope, big disappointment. Still better than Hawkgirl or Martian Manhunter though. :(
22. Henri if it's a boy. Henri Mallah.
23. The ability to freeze flames.
24. Yep. Or the old one again.
25. Dunno.
26. Yes, absolutely. But if Jericho can lose the white afro, then Northwind should be able to lose the mohawk.
27. That would be freakin' hilarious.
28. I think I'm the only DC fan who really could give a flip about the Joker's Daughter.
29. It certainly has better presence than Atom Smasher.
30. Neck-wringing is just wrong. Learning to be happy through submission though not only is a worthy course of study for you tykes, it may be the only way to save humanity. Badges are earned per hour in happy bondage.
31. Sure.
32. Anyone but Ollie. Or Ra's Al-Ghul.
33. No.
34. I haven't missed him yet. I haven't ready a story since his death where I went "this is OK, but it really needs Neptune Perkins". I don't recall thinking that before his death either.
35. Can we do both?
36. Mysterio, but I doubt Marvel would part with him. Let's say... Murmur.
37. Depends on who writes it.
38. Ditto.
39. Probably not.
40. I was wondering that myself, when Circe turned Nemesis into a minotaur.
41. Possibly.
42. Why not both?
43. Krazy with a K.
44. It's the DC US Constitution. There's some subtle differences.
45. Dunno.
46. I miss Swamp Thing.
47. Hopefully he and Detective Chimp will get a new Brave & Bold treatment.
48. All it does is remind him of his wife, who is dead and didn't go on to any spiritual plane, despite all the evidence to the contrary in the DCU.
49. Not in the slightest.
50. I thought it was Wang Chung.
51. I'd probably buy it, but we may be the only ones.
52. Write it yourself and send the script in unsolicited. I hear that's a great idea!

MarkAndrew said...

"2. I haven't been watching Heroes, but that sort of thing has been done enough before that it's kind of cliché. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror where Bart and Lisa get superpowers comes to mind."

I appreciate this guys definition of "Cliche;" IE, something that has happened ONCE, ever, in the entire media spectrum.

Scipio said...

As I recall the episode, Lisa gained superstrength and Bart gained superstretching, both active physical powers that many male characters have.

Anonymous said...

"46. Has anyone else noticed how much less child molestation and bodies-in-the-backyard there are now that Alan Moore's not writing for DC? "

There's also a real shortage of menstrual werewolf humor, now that you mention it.

Anonymous said...

1.) Better him than anyone else.
3-4.) Who cares.
5.) Nope. Someone had a theory he was Max.
6.) Paging Gail Simone.
7.) No. You aren't.
9.) No. I do.
10.) No. It could be some other moron.
11.) The Anti-Monitor. Oh, you meant homosexual, sorry.
12.) Because you aren;t?
13.) *Shrug*
14.) No.
16.) Uhh...
17.) Possibly.
18.) *Shrug*
19.) None. All work.
22.) Works for me.
23.) Non suckinesss.
24.) An OLD Booster Gold.
25.) 52, earlier issue?
26.) Possibly.
27.) Yes. Yes you are.
28.) Make her Matt Hagen's daughter.
29.) Ys.
30.) NO!
32.) *Shrugs*
34.) I don't think so.
35.) YES!
36.) Scarecrow or Phobia, take your pick.
37-39.) Depends, are they good.
40.) Everyone loves Minotaurs.
41.) No. The people on Silver Bullet Comic books are behind you.
42.) Both.
44.) This isn't Earth-Prime.
45.) Who cares?
46.) That's what you think.
47.) XD.
48.) Nope.
49.) I sort of miss him.
50.) What over happened to How Chu?

Anonymous said...

1.)Awwww, c'mon? What's wrong with Ralph?

2.)Yes, that is true. I'm not sure what the point is though.

3.)I don't really think so. I've got a bad feeling about that guy anyway/

4.)Eventually. The real question is will it be good.

5.)He's killing people left and right Scip. He's evil. It might be an evil Bizzaro Skeets, but I don't think so.

6.)Soon I hope.

7.)Nope. I don't like her as "The All-New Question" a bit.

8.)Didn't read it. I don't wanna support comics that are on a tri-monthly basis. Actually, I just forgot to pick it up.

9.)No. Superchief is awesome.

10.)But that is so obvious...


12.)'Cause not enough people are reading it. Real shame.

13.)All of the above.

14.)I guess...

15.)Hey, Huntress made out with Question in JLU.

16.)I think so.

17.)No. But that's 'cause I don't get the reference.

18.)Starfire. Hot, and she could get me off of the island.

19.)Ummmmmm, Skeets?

20.)That would be awesome.

21.)Checkmate is *BORING*. I stopped reading it a while ago, so maybe it' sgotten even more boring. I don't understand the appeal. It's like a boring version of Suicide Squad.

22.)Sure, why not?

23.)Control of fire. Nice and useless.

24.)Dear God, I hope so. Or maybe even the old one.


26.)No. It's just not worth it.

27.)Not the ONLY one. But you aren't in the majority.

28.)Use it as a way to bring back Harley Quinn. And make her fun again. Oh, and Joker's daughter should eventually become Robin.


30.)I've never been allowed into The Woder Scouts, so I can't tell you.

31.)Well, they've done most everything else.

32.)I think that Green Arrow has to get off his sorry ass and get back together with her, and this time not mess it up. They were a good couple, and Ollie seems much more mature now. He's mayor for crying out loud. Then again, I wouldn't go back to Green Arrow if he did that to me, so I guess Ollie just messed that one up.

33.)Well, I wasn't surprised. I wanted him to go back to his big old suit from day one. Besides, you knew Luthor was gonna take it away at some point.


35.)Pretty much.

36.)How about Hush! (I'm kidding of course)

37.)Depends on who is writting it, but most likely yes.

38.)Depends on who is writting it, but almost definetly yes.

39.)No thank you.

40.)I think you are alone on that one.

41.)I'm one of the last people to the party to. Don't worry.

42.)You need LOTS of therapy.

43.)Beats me.

44.)Yeah, that kinda bothered me too.

45.)Ummm, why wouldn't it be?

46.)Yeah, it's a nice change of pace.

47.)Hey, I like him in Shadowpact!

48.)No. He can't be happy.

49.)Nope. Nobody liked him.

50.)Meh, he'll always just be Egg-Fu to me.

51.)Yeah, that's just you.

52.)I doubt it, but you keep hoping.

Tom Foss said...

"I appreciate this guys definition of "Cliche;" IE, something that has happened ONCE, ever, in the entire media spectrum."
I apologize, I suppose I should have gone to find an encyclopedic list of all the times it's happened in the past. I like this guy's definition of "once," when this comment (regarding the Simpsons) was in reference to another comment (regarding Heroes). Last I checked, that's twice.

But, since you insist:
Big Barda/Mr. Miracle - She gets superstrength and invulnerability, he gets the ability to escape from things.
Family Guy "The Supergriffins" - Peter gets shapeshifting, sure, and Meg can grow her fingernails. But Stewie ends up with telekinesis, Chris becomes pyrokinetic, and Lois gains super-strength.
The Inferior Five - While none of the males had particularly 'feminine' powers (unless you count flight), Dumb Bunny was the only one with reliable super-strength.
Among the Apokoliptians, it seems only Kalibak was really a physical powerhouse; most of the brute fighting was up to the female furies, while male characters like Desaad and Dr. Bedlam worked on a far more mental level. Even Darkseid usually stuck to scheming and Omega Beams.
I'd say the Wonder Twins are a fairly decent example of this.
The original New Warriors featured a female powerhouse (Namorita) and a male telekinetic (Marvel Boy).

Will that suffice? It's certainly not as cliché as the powerhouse male/mental female combination, but they had to establish the trend before they could turn it on its head. It's cliché enough that I did it in Eighth Grade, with a brother/sister superhero pair. And no superhero created in grade school has ever been anything but cliché.

As far as the Simpsons go, I guess I was working on more of a sliding scale, rather than trying to strictly define mental powers as 'feminine' and physical ones as 'masculine'. I'd say that stretching is a pretty passive power, but that's just me, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm the only person hoping the prophecy will be fulfilled by a monster eating Cassandra Cain, aren't I?

Nope. Just make sure it takes a few of her crazy fans, too - these people feel a compulsion to start with the 'ruining her character' crap in every thread of every board/blog/discussion venue I know, and it's made me hate a character for whom I felt nothing.

As for Joker's Daughter, they were supposed to bring her into Titans East, but after giving her a smashing redesign in a stylish suit and everything, they switch her out with the Riddler's Daughter. Part of me's glad (she's not firmly on the side of bad now), but dammit, she deserves more exposure. JD and Rex the Wonder Dog should be added post-haste to the Titans.

joncormier said...

1 - Actually I hope Ralph and Dr. Fate's Helmet become the new Booster Gold and Skeets.

7 - It just feels unneccesary to me.

19 - Riddler. Because Batman's the Detective and don't give me no "investigative journalism" malarky. He works for the newspaper that reassures its readers that dinosaurs are still, in fact, extinct ON THE FRONT COVER. Not a paradigm of inpiration for aspiring journalists.

27 - That's pretty much what I thought. "Oh, that's what happened."

41 - Nope, that would be me. I was just taking credit for still not owning a Birds of Prey issue and generally being an idiot because of it.

47 - Rex should team up with Nightwing or lead The Outsiders so he could take over one of those books like he did Green Lantern.

Matthew E said...

1. No. I just want someone to tell him a joke or something.
2. Yes.
3. I'm guessing yes, but not for long.
4. You mean ever? I'll say, yes, someday there will be an Aquaman movie.
5. There's probably a way for them to spin it so that he's innocent.
6. Not for quite a while, I think.
7. I don't care if she deserves to or not; I don't want her to because I think DC needs more good characters who *aren't* superheroes.
9. He didn't really grab me but I'm sure there's some use that can be made of him.
10. Safe? No.
11. Who's Mario Lopez?
12. I got the first issue. If I was richer I'd still be getting the series, but something had to give.
15. Several answers suggest themselves.
16. Do you feel like you're the 'only person' a lot? If so, you might consider therapy.
18. Isis.
24. Only a matter of time.
26. Absolutely.
27. Trained professionals are standing by.
33. There are people who can help you.
34. People who care.
37-39. Depends.

Ulf Böhnke said...

1. I pray he and his wife get better.
2. Heard about it on another blog.
3. He will stay in his old villainous identity.
4. All signs opoint to no.
5. There are more people than you thinking evil!skeets is an evil twin.
7. Renée deserves to stay Renée.
10. Assuming is always safe. Acting on that assumption on the other hand...
13. It says that you know the difference between Wizard and the real world.
14. Why not? Only fans recognize Starro and only fans buy ultra-rare action figures.
15. Not in the face.
16. He should "die nasty"
17. Nicknames are always fine.
18. Reguar cast or one of the guest stars? Poledancer.
24. As long as we can have time paradoxes and time travel, we can have Booster Gold.
25. I've never seen her before.
26. I don't think so.
27. Lots of Batgirl fans would prefer this fate.
28. One young homeless psycho girl, "adopted" by Harley Quinn and the Joker for their insane little family. She rebels and becomes a hero.
29. Seen in the background of every parade, yes.
31. First we need a yellow desert map for Kahndaq.
33. I was expecting more side-effects.
34. Who?
37. What is that style? Killing villains and dictators?
38. I would rather buy a Showcase Anthology with mixed content. For example every book of one month. "Showcase presents: February 1967" as a random example.
39. Which Bronze Age definition do you use? 70's, 80's or the 90's?
41. I haven't realized yet.
42. For a William Marston's furry festival you need a time machine.
43. A cowboy abducted by aliens, frozen, thawed 100 years later, steals alien guns and other stuff. Returns to earth and becomes a bank robber. We NEED more villains who are just in it for the money.
44. They are comic boo writers not politicians. They have never let reality come in the way of a (good/bad) story.
45. No idea, but I am campaigning for Lex in 2008.
47. As long as he isn't trying anything with Beast boy...
49. The one from Batman?

Scipio said...

"16. Do you feel like you're the 'only person' a lot? If so, you might consider therapy."

Oh my god! I thought I was the only person who felt that way!

Jeff R. said...

1. Nope.
2. Eden's power, whatever it is, looks pretty 'passive'. As was Google Girl's. And the Petrellis' are fairly butch, to say nothing of Syler.
3. Probably not.
4. Eventually. It'll bomb, hard. though.
5. Quite possibly.
6. Not until the next crisis, most like.
7. No. But she might yet by the time it happens.
8. Didn't read it.
9. Nope.
10. Not really. Meltzer's in Satellite-Era mode, and besides, Dr Light's name doesn't end in -o. Odds are on Despero.
11. Lopez.
12. Couldn't tell you.
13. Wizard.
14. No. ultra-rare Monkey-devolved versions for DC.
15. Isn't the real question how Montoya will kiss her back?
16. No.
17. Yes.
18. Natasha Irons, but on the strength of non-52 versions of the character.
19. Mordru. Because he's a great villian who's wasted on the JSA. (The Legion can have the 1000-years-later version whenever they want it, of course.)
20. Not likely, although I wouldn't have guessed Egg-Fu either...
21. Civil War?
22. Simone LeBrain
23. Wolverine-style healing factor/immortality
24. No, the old one will be back.
25. I don't think so, but I'm not sure.
26. Yes.
27. I'm with the 'already happened to her with a metaphorical heart' crowd.
28. Isn't she hanging with Titans East right now? I'd stop playing cute and give her a single damned origin already, at any rate. It would probably involved Earth-2, though.
29. Yes.
30. Yes, but only though reading and a written test.
31. Sure, fine, whatever.
32. Nah, Black Canary should start dating the Ray again.
33. Probably not.
34. Yes.
35. Yes.
36. Blackfire.
37. Possibly, depends on writer.
38. Possibly, depends on writer.
39. Probably, depends on writer.
40. No.
41. Quite possibly.
42. Whichever is cheaper.
43. The original one, not the Byrne eco-freak one.
44. See "No Man's Land"
45. I thought that it was still-who says diferently?
46. Hadn't really noticed a change. (are we talking post-ABC, or way back to the end of Swamp Thing and V, anyhow?)
47. No. He should join Birds of Prey.
48. No; it brings up as much in bad memories as it eases.
49. No, but I miss Scarface.
50. It'll always be Egg Fu to me.
51. Maybe.
52. Who knows?

R Greene said...

12. Why do I feel like I'm the only person reading Freedom Fighters?

Well, I'm reading it, but can you tell me anything about the powers of Miss America past and present?

23. If Aquagirl were to develop one superpower, what should it be?

To be interesting enough to hang with the Teen Titans (shouldn't be too hard these days...)

Scipio said...

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Response 52!

1. No. Ralph's one of the few parts I'm actually still enjoying.
2. Yes. Although Eden having hyper charisma ('do what I say' power) is fairly standard, I think the waitress is the first occurence of a woman with super-intelligence.
3. No.
4. No.
5. I'm on the fence, but I'm still rooting for him just because he killed Waverider.
6. I'm sure Gail would have done it by now if Hawkman weren't being kept under wraps until after JSA #1.
7. No, and thank you. For a moment I thought I was the only one who thought that was forced as hell.
8. In the comics, no. Fredrick Wertham has come close though. :)
9. Probably.
10. Not really. Based on what Batman says, it sounds like he's out of the picture.
11. Mario. Despite Judd Winick's pressuring the editors to let him do a big "I'm Coming Out" special, DC is sticking to their guns that Connor is just chaste, not gay.
12. You're one of the few. I did try the first issue but I just couldn't get through it.
13. It says that Wizard has their noses firmly planted in the backside of Marvel editorial. But that's no news to anyone.
14. It should, but I think we'll have to depend on YOU to make them for us. :)
15. Same way Black Cat kissed Peter Parker through his mask.
16. No.
17. I shall call him by the even odder "Tawkin Crikey" in honor of Steve Irwin.
18. The new Jade. Light, food and hot vege chick for company.
19. Mirror Master. He could TOTALLY mess with Supes' head.
20. Don't care.
21. Yes. Yes it is.
22. I'm thinking "Cerebella"
23. Healing factor
24. I'm holding out for the return of the old one.
25. I don't think so. First time in Post-COIE, I think.
26. Let's make Hawkgirl worth reading first.
27. No. No you aren't. I want her to die. Oh, not that I dislike the character - I'm just sick of hearing all the Batgirl fans complaining about how badly she's been treated in the name of a big storyline - never mind that the EXACT SAME THING happened to Huntress and that her character development got sidelined for years until Gail Simone took charge of her so that they could introduce Cassie as the new Batgirl. Irony is lost on them.
28. Bring Duela back, define her origin (I'm thinking young woman exposed to Joker gas and driven crazy) and turn her into a misunderstood hero. Either put her on Titans or, better yet, put her in Gotham and have her facing off against Harley Quinn. :)
29. If we can get Lex to grumble about looking like Daddy Warbucks, yes!
30. To the great enjoyment of the Den Mothers. :)
31. What would you do with it? Aquaman vs. Namor?
32. No. Let us remove the filth of Winick from continuity as quietly as possible and get her and Ollie back together. Thankfully, it looks like the latest Birds of Prey is taking steps in that direction.
33. No. I know people who were surprised.
34. Who?
35. Much as I wanna see the Sinestro Corps, I'm still hoping for a miraculous recovery. She was too cool a supporting character to get punked that soon.
36. The Trickster II. James Jesse busted the punk out of his name in his last appearance during Rogue War - and every military outfit needs a misfit punk.
37. Is James Robinson writing? If so, yes. If no, maybe.
38. Is Mark Waid writing? If so, yes. If no, maybe.
39. Is Denny O'Neil writing? if so, yes. If no... ah, long as there's non-Winick written Green Arrow stories, I'll buy it. :)
40. Good question. I did like the big horny guy. ;)
41. Probably. But Issue #100 is a great jumping on point!
42. I think you need therapy, but for reasons apart from your love of furry men. ;)
42. Terra's a man?
43. Considering most Americans don't know the process for how ammendments get passed? Doubtful.
44. I'm more concerned on if it's still in continuity that Etrigan ran as a Republican. :)
45. They just moved it all into Vertigo and Wildstorm.
46. Teen Titans, yes!
47. He's still angsting over his dead wife who may or may not be in Heaven, which he may or may not believe in now.
48. I do. I like goofy comic relief baddies.
49. I do. Always room for a funny villain.
50. What if it IS that philosopher? Ever think of that?
51. I'd dig it. But no dating Canary!
52. Doubtful.

Anonymous said...

dang it! Somone made comment 52 while I was typing!

Anonymous said...

19.Hmm. A Charaxes-Hellgrammite tag-team would be cool. Additional bonus of dead Charaxes not messing with the new Killer Moth.
20. Yes.
38. Yes. in the Silver Age, everyone was cool.
49. Not at all. Then again, are there any creepy 80's villains that were really cool?


45: Forget about Luthor in 2008 either way.

They weren't joking about that "OYL" thing. There's already been an election in freedom fighters.

The new Phantom Lady's dad is the President. Except he's not himself. He's a robot from space... or something.

Anonymous said...

Venus Sivana first appeared in Power of Shazam #27.

MaGnUs said...

I'm too reading Freedom Fighters, and it's good.

Anonymous said...

16. Why yes, but only if he is captured, bound down and either tied to or shot at with huge phallic objects in every single issue he appears! And he should have a Centaur as his ultimate Nemesis, since a Centaurs treachery was responsible for (the original) Hercules' demise and would work very well with both Cerci and the Cheetah (and, you know, nothing says "homoerotic subtext" like a hunky, half-naked horse-guy) . That would be just all kinds of awesome.