Saturday, November 11, 2006

2 in 2007!

Joy ineffable! Wizkids Games has announced that they putting out not one but TWO sets of DC Heroclix in 2007.

This is a great excitement to those DC fans who play or collect Heroclix. There have been 11 1/4 Marvel sets and only 6 1/2 DC sets, so DC fans are anxious to get "caught up" on getting a wide variety of characters represented as Heroclix figures.

Below is some of what I suspect we might see in these next two sets, based on Wizkids' ways of balancing the sets (heroes and villains, male and female, teams, etc). The bolded ones are confirmed as being in the next set, named "Origins"; ones in red would be remakes of previous Heroclix figures.

  1. Golden Age Batman (with Easily-Knocked-Out-edness)
  2. Golden Age Superman (with Leap/Climb instead of Flight, Invulnerability instead of Imperviousness, and no Heat Vision/ranged attack)
  3. Golden Age Starman (I've decided to personally take all the credit for this one!)
  4. Alan Scott (much asked for)
  5. Wildcat (a good low-point JSA figure, with Charge and Flurry)
  6. Mon-El (now that he's back in comics, he's the muscle LSH teams need)
  7. Guy Gardner (a Green Lantern; much asked for)
  8. The Question (much asked for and a star of 52)
  9. Hawkman (his original REV isn't worthy of the name)
  10. The new Blue Beetle (whether you want him or not)
  11. Animal Man (they made Vixen; they can make Animal Man, whose a fan fave and a star of 52)
  12. Martian Manhunter (he's had a "Unique" figure, but he's got so many powers he simply screams out for a REV)
  13. Aqualad or Tempest (Titans, Mystique, Aquafamily)
  14. Kid Devil (a fresh Titans character)
  15. Classic Aquaman (yeah, he's already had two versions, but people won't be happy until they get a Green Gloves version; maybe it'll just be a Unique?)
  16. Starboy (one of the few black Legionnaires)
  17. Mister Miracle (the required Fourth World addition)
  18. Jakeem Thunder (not a fan fave, but he brings "young and black" to the JSA table)
  19. The Human Bomb (shiny black destructiveness)
  20. Captain Comet (a representative of DC's outer space gang)
  21. Supernova (give his central role in 52, I think he'll be in Set 2)
  22. A new Firestorm (nothing is wrong with the old one as a figure, but the new one, Jason, should get at least a Unique)
  23. Steel (Dr. Iron's new powers and his role in 52 merit an update)
  24. Robotman (for the slow building of the Doom Patrol)
  25. Phantom Stranger (for the "Oddball Box", where live Sgt. Rock, Jonah Hex, and Swamp Thing)
  26. One of the Metal Men (hey; you didn't think they'd make Chemo, either, did you?)
  27. Dr. Light (although not used much, a lot of people are fond of her and she's JLA)
  28. Supergirl (crying out for a remake)
  29. Triplicate Girl (if they did Madrox, they can now do Triplicate Girl)
  30. Miss Martian (works with Teen Titans and the inevitable Martian Manhunter REV)
  31. Gypsy (back in action in Birds of Prey, so a very natural choice)
  32. Batwoman (another 52 character who should show up in Set 2)
  33. Aquagirl (it might not seem like she'd make it now, but she'd be good to fill a low-point REV slot and could add to the figs with Titans TA)
  34. Phantom Lady (they have to start making the Freedom Fighters, and she would be a fan favorite)
  35. Golden Age Wonder Woman (what's good for the goose...)
  36. Isis (another fun 52 character for Set 2)
  37. Phantom Girl (a classic female Legionnaire and a star of the new cartoon)
  38. Wonder Girl (needed for both Wonder Woman teams and Teen Titans)
  39. Thunder (for the Outsiders TA, and a "sidekick" for Black Lightning)
  40. Nightshade (a little Shadowpact action!)
  41. Crimson Fox (a low-point slashing leapclimber with JLA TA)
  42. Bulleteer (how can they resist it?)
  43. Some new Checkmate Agents
  44. The Penguin (Wizkids now has a better handle of the more "intellectual" villains and this classic Batman villain is currently never played because his clix is nearly worthless)
  45. The Riddler (see Penguin, above)
  46. Killer Moth (definitely not in Set 1, but in Set 2, so that the Batman Enemies can have another flyer)
  47. The Gentleman Ghost (the first Hawkman villain represented; also, the Rookie can be a Batman Enemy)
  48. Lobo (sigh; as featured in 52)
  49. Catman (surely the Secret Six will see some representation, and the Rookie can be a Batman Enemy)
  50. Ragdoll (a low point Unique?)
  51. Mirror Master (no, I don't know how either, but the Flash villians need him)
  52. Johnny Quick (Crime Syndicate; only he and Power Ring are left)
  53. Silver Age Brainiac (like Aquaman, two other versions have been done, but this is the one everyone's been waiting for)
  54. Pied Piper (a Flash villian with Mind Control and Pulse Wave would be fun!)
  55. Ocean Master (Black Manta is really lonely)
  56. Vandal Savage (another Lex Luthor style "mastermind" Unique that one will know how to use)
  57. The Shark (perfect opportunity to make a villian to fight both GL and Aquaman, with a nearly unique combo of Psychic Blast and Fangs!)
  58. Star Sapphire (GL villains are poorly represented and she's one of the best known female villains in any Rogues Gallery)
  59. Catwoman (her original clix are sitting ducks)
  60. Knockout (both Secret Six and Fourth World)
  61. Live Wire (the Superman villain who's found her way from the cartoons to the comics)
  62. Silver Banshee (she'd make a great looking Unique, adds to the Superman villains, and can tag-team with Gentleman Ghost)
  63. Scandal Savage (another low-point slicey dicey figure)
  64. Cassie Cain (didn't like her first dial, when she was a hero? Her newfound villainhood is a second chance to make her a challenging foe for Robin!)
  65. Granny Goodness (sigh; a Fourth World female)
  66. Dr. Poison (probably a Unique in Set 2; Mars needs women!)
  67. Tigress (a good low-point all-purpose villainess)
  68. Madame Rouge (to go with Mallah & The Brain)


Tegan O'Neil said...

I don't play the game but it seems to me that if they made an Animal Man heroclix, he would have to have some sort of special ability that signified he knew he was a gamepiece.

Anonymous said...

I almost have to think that they're going to start in on the Freedom Fighters. They were a ballot choice for a Collector's Edition, so they've obviously thought about them. Now that group's visibility is higher than it's been in pretty much EVER thanks to IC and the new series.

It's a shame they jumped ahead and made the Manhatten Guardian, because Morrison's Seven Soldiers would have screamed out for a Collector's Set.

Trent Jensen said...

I thought "2 in 2007!" was Miller and Lee's goal for how many issues of All-Star Batman & Robin will come out next year.

MarkAndrew said...

Trent -- Too dream the impossible dream.

Mirror Master's a tough one. Something like (First Click)

2 Targets, 6 Range

10 (Phasing)
10 (Incapacitate)
17 (Super Senses)
1 (Perplex)

Doesn't really do 'im justice, but there are some figures Heroclix just aren't set up to do.

Anonymous said...

And almost certainly we'll get the new Aquaman and King Shark before we get "green gloved" Aquaman.


I like that Mirror Master. Yep, there's several ways you could go with him, but nothing quite expresses "using the power of mirrors" quite right in this game.

Scipio said...

And almost certainly we'll get the new Aquaman and King Shark before we get "green gloved" Aquaman.

You're assuming the "new Aquaman" will still be around then;

I wouldn't assume that, if I were you.

joncormier said...

I'm curious about The Shark. Is that a figure your comic book heroes can jump when you're out of ideas on where your story/game should go?

I think that's all I'd try to do, just to cheese off someone taking the game a bit too seriously. heh heh heh.

Scipio said...

They can only do that if they have Combat Reflexes...

Bill D. said...

Haven't played in forever, but I'll still occasionally by single clix of characters I like, and new Legionaires would look awesome on my shelf.

Anonymous said...

>>47. The Gentleman Ghost (the first Hawkman villain represented; also, the Rookie can be a Batman Enemy)<<

Or drape a hankie over him, changing nothing else whatsoever, and he can be The Spook.

>>65. Granny Goodness (sigh; a Fourth World female)<<

Aren't you looking forward to hours of fun with players talking in a Granny Goodness voice?

Anonymous said...

As much as I'd love them to finish the Fatal Five (and expect them to now that there's a cartoon)...

... as much as I'd like to see more Silver Age Titans (hey, Icons gave us a Dick Grayson in booties, where's my old school Speedy?)...

... I know there's no way they'll give us a Legion of Doom-style Toyman. Too bad, to, because with a Giganta, Unique Icons Lex and Rookie versions of everyone else, you'd only need a 26-point R of Toyman to field a 1000-point Legion of Doom. Imagine the possibilities for a major battle!

Yeah, you can brag about your Kingdom Come team all you want. The Legion of Doom will have it's day!

Anonymous said...


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