Friday, November 03, 2006

The Wonder Woman Nursery Song, Verses 1 & 2

This is the way I don my boots
don my boots
don my boots
this is the way I don my boots
to please my strange Creator.

This is my ladies' marching band

marching band
marching band
this is my ladies' marching band
to please my strange Creator.


Queer Legion (QL) said...

Sweet fancy Moses!! That's funny as hell!!!

SallyP said...

I...I...words just fail me.

Anonymous said...

Changing under milk?

Paging Dr. Freud, please answer the milky white courtesy phone.

Sleestak said...

C'mon! It's the Milk of Amazon Kindness!

Anonymous said...

I... er... what?

--kate, whose net for some reason won't let her choose the 'other' identity.

Harvey Jerkwater said...





Scipio was right again..."I mean, really, there's no way to exaggerate it for comedic effect, because it can't be exaggerated." marching bands?

My world makes a just little less sense today.

Thanks a lot, Moulton.

Michael said...

Why did WW have a marching band to begin with, never mind the fact that it was comprised completely of women?

Scipio said...

Why, didn't all superheroes have them, back in the day?

The Bat-Band, the Supermarchers, the Green Lantern Drum & Bugle Corps, Aquaman's "Marine Band", the Flash Forward Marchers, the Marching Manhunters --

you're not a real icon until you have your own marching band.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late to the game, but still. My eyes. They cry. Truth! Finally. Truth. Holy shit, that was funny.