Monday, November 27, 2006

Ralph Dibny Must Die!


Anonymous said...

The Acolytes of Dibney are well aware of your jihad against our most holy and beloved idol and we take pleasure in knowing that your crusade against the stretchiest of all stretchy heroes is one doomed to failure.

The Great Dibney cannot die for death is the domain of mortals and he is divine! It is common knowledge among the A of D that Gingold is ancient Sumerian for Ambrosia and is in fact the food of the gods, the consumption of which has absolved the Elongated One of the burdens of commen men such as ourselves.

Still, we are confused as to what the blessed Husband of Sue (Hallowed Be Her Name--The Helmet Will Bring Her Back To Us!) has done in this particular captured moment to earn your enmity. Is it wrong for someone to want to show a co-worker a spirited good time? If it is, then we here among the A of D don't want to be right!

SallyP said...

Hey, c'mon, I LIKE Ralph.

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