Thursday, November 30, 2006

Justice League Detroit vs. Degenerate Art

During this modern renaissance of classic villains, I've been waiting for some brave writer to bring back some of the Justice League Detroit's villains. HA!

Why, if you rolled together Morrison, Simone, Johns, and Palmiotti into one big ball it still wouldn't have the ability to do some of those characters justice. Winick... maybe.

Who could forget the JLD's battle to death against:

The Irridescent Hand Jive?And they were nice enough to do its nails afterwards; those are heroes, people.

The Justice League Detroit was also in the forefront of the war against the Secret Society of Surrealists & Such, including...

Salvador Dali!

Hey; how'd the alien tentacle porn slip in there again?

The Child-Perverting Dr. Seuss!

Wassily Kandinsky's Fettucine Bolognese!

The Parasitic Popularism of Roy Lichtenstein!

And last but not least...

Mock Apple Pac-Man and the Living Mask of Steranko!

And they did all that...

(JLA 257, Dec 86).


gorjus said...

Good Godamighty. Although . . . the Living Mask of Steranko--! Pretty rad.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, every day spent here is like a mini liberal arts education.

Anonymous said...

If "The Living Mask of Steranko" isn't the name of some garage band, it damn well should be.

Well played, good sir. Well played!

Sleestak said...

So Zatanna is responsible for conjuring Onslaught and sending him to Marvel? Clever, evil girl. Too bad she underestimated his power because he almost took down the DCU when he destroyed the Marvel Universe.

Ashley16 said...

You're so wrong for that...and yet, so right.

SallyP said...

Ummmmm....was that last panel depicting cosmic sex? 'Cause that's what it looks like. Eeeuuww.

Damon said...

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