Friday, September 30, 2005

The Devil or the Deep Blue Sea

In today's episode of
"The Loneliness of Aquaman Week":

If you're lost at sea...

...just PRAY that a lonely Aquaman and Topo don't come to rescue you.

"Oh, we can return you to dry land...
Meanwhile, you look tense.

I think he needs a backrub,
don't you, Topo?

Just relax, sir--
we're here for you now..."


Bully said...

Topo looks so sympathetic! You don't get that look in many finny friends then or now, I betcha!

If Topo was introduced now he'd be all bad-ass and have eight different types of guns strapped to his tentacles. Or maybe one of them would have a ninja sword.

I miss the Silver Age.

naladahc said...

We need a Topo spin-off book after Infinite Crisis. Or if not that, Topo needs to have a son who becomes Tempest's animal sidekick.

Thus the dynastic cycle turns. Turns along the golden path.