Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dr. Domino's Plan B

Meanwhile, back on the battleship, Dr. Domino prepares "Plan B", which starts like this:

Note that control queen Dr. Domino is still yanking Tracy's symbolic tie; naughty man! He's given up on the "talk! talk! talk!" method of interrogation and is resorting to ...(music sting)...
other ways.

Fortunately for him, Wonder Woman fainted when she saw his giant black slab of a head; Diana used to be much more delicate than she is nowadays. So, the Dominominions (who apparently changed into matching domino shirts during the half-second between this panel and the previous one) drag her with difficulty (this is her pre-Jenny Craig era) across the battleship deck toward the ominous "Plan B" (doing, I'm certain, untold damage to her heels, so they had better not be around when she awakens!).

What is Plan B?

I tell you this for free, my friends: villains don't come any more fun than Dr. Domino and comic books don't come any more entertaining than this. Nothing spells "fun for all ages" like tying up an unconscious foreign princess in bathing suit to a nuclear missile between her thighs and launching her toward a nearby city of 8 million people on her first day of work at the United Nations. No wonder Gloria Steinem loved Wonder Woman.

I just love glancing back and forth between those two pictures, again and again, like a flicker ring:

"Prepare to launch Wonder Woman!" /
"Launch Wonder Woman!"

If I ran the show at DC, we'd put those two pics as holographic images on credit cards sponsored by Adams National ("The Women's Bank") and make millions as every lesbian in the country snatched them up to use for all their shopping trips to "The Pleasure Chest".

Forget "DC Comics"; I'd make "DC Entertainment" a multi-media miracle, baby!


Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman, bound at the wrists, with a huge throbbing powerful cylinder roaring between her legs??

Holy Freudian Slip, Batman! And I thought Marston & Peter's work was full of sexual subcontext!!

Shon Richards said...

DC needs to repring this story with an exclusive alternate brown paper bag cover.

FYI, I have been convinced to include Dr. Domino in my Mutants and Masterminds campaign. My players deserve it.

Scipio said...

"I have been convinced to include Dr. Domino in my Mutants and Masterminds campaign."

What's that?

Shon Richards said...

Mutants and Masterminds is a role-playing game based on superheroes. It's like Heroclix where you make your own characters, just with more role-playing and heroic Haiku's.

It combines the ultimate nerdom of Dungeons and Dragons with Comic Books. And this week, I got Ninja villains! Woot!

Anonymous said...

"Launch Wonder Woman!" is now my favorite catchphrase. I just need to think of ways to work it naturally into conversations.