Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Character Request: Sun Girl

Who is this sneaking in the DCU's window? Is it... Sun Girl?

I'd never heard of this Sun Girl until recently when she was brought to my attention by the eminent Marionette of Dance of the Puppets.

Apparently she has gone utterly to waste in the Marvelverse, known to no one, out of place with her Golden Age styling, and (*sob*) unloved.

She's got no secret identity, no real name, no backstory (except for some monstrosity that Roy Thomas the Mad Retcon Artist shafted her with). And she has ... a Sunbeam Ray. GODS, we need her in the DC!

Perhaps she could be a foe or partner of Night Girl? But, no: even the blank cheery emptiness of Sun Girl would be no match for the Black Hole of Meaning that is the Super-Bouffante of Night Girl; the very thought is madness.

Ah, but what a marvelous partner for -- Phantom Lady! She could join the Freedom Fighters (I hear they're about to have some openings...) and she and PL could be like Apollo and Midnighter (well -- sort of like Apollo and Midnighter).

DC, offer Marvel some Hostess Fruit Pies (tm) for Sun Girl; the bad guys always fall for that trick!


Sarah said...

she and PL could be like Apollo and Midnighter (well -- sort of like Apollo and Midnighter).

Well, like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!s

Anonymous said...

There was one and only one appearance of Sun Girl that saw the light of reprint in the modern age, in Giant-Size Avengers #1. But in that story she was little more than a Lois Lane for the android Human Torch. If anyone knows of any place online to see some scans of Sun Girl stories, let me know!

Scipio said...

THAT is the Roy Thomas retcon, Dale, not a REAL Sun Girl story...

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ, Scipio. It was a reprint of a 1940's Human Torch story. Sun Girl appears in about six panels and really doesn't do much.

Marionette said...

The horrible Roy Thomas retcon is in the miniseries The Saga of the Original Human Torch.

The GS Avengers story is an episode of Human Torch that comes from the period of about 3 months where Marvel traded in their heroes' kid sidekicks for girl sidekicks. Captain America got Golden Girl, the Torch got Sun Girl, and Sub-Mariner got Namora.

For undiluted Sun Girl goodness there's only the 3 issues of her own series. And as I've said before, I'd maim for a copy of Sun Girl #2!

And there's some more Sun Girl goodness to be found in the article I did about her over at Dance of the Puppets.

Sleestak said...

OMG...Golden Girl is the Winter Soldier!