Thursday, September 08, 2005

Riddle Me This!

How many cross-company Marvel/DC character codename duplications are there?

Let's start with the Captains Marvel (however it is spelled).

And the rest are ... ?


Shon Richards said...

Scarecrow off the top of my head.

rafi-el said...

Sandman snd Death for sure. Similar names include Dr. Strange and Dr. Hugo Strange (and Adam Strange is probably a Ph.D. as well).

Anonymous said...


Hate Filled Poster said...


H said...

Here's some more, with parantheticals for the more osbcure ones:

Hydra (Batman 167)
Jack O'Lantern
Arsenal (Avengers Annual 19)
Nemesis (Alpha Flight)
Storm (surely you didn't forget the Sea Horse?

And stretching things,

SpiderMan had a supporting character named Dawn Starr
DC has a Dr. Doome

P.S. Sorry if this posts twice, but I'm not sure the first attempt went through.

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Scipio said...


I pour my heart in a Rung of Villainy; nothing.

But one trivia question gets 6 replies in 6 minutes...

there oughtta be a law!

Shon Richards said...

The problem Scipio is your Rungs of Villiany nail exactly the status order of the DC bad guy universe. I read those posts as lessons to be learned from the wise master. I'm too busy scribbling notes to dare break your concentration with comments.

Kevin Melrose said...

Aurora - Alpha Flight member, and one of The Recombatants from Tales of the Teen Titans; I think she might've been in Superboy and the Ravers, too. (Also, Aurora is one of the goddesses from whom Mary Marvel gets her powers.)

Chameleon - Spider-Man villain, and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes (formerly Chameleon Boy)

Changeling - X-Men villain, and Teen Titans member (now Beast Boy, again)

Darkstar - Soviet Super-Soldier turned X-Corp operative turned ... dead, and one of Donna Troy's many codenames

Destiny - Evil Mutant / Mystique's main squeeze, and one of the Endless

Fury - Captain Britain -- and, later, X-Men -- villain, and a member of Infinity Inc.

Puppet Master -- Fantastic Four villain, and foe of Green Lantern and Teen Titans (later as Puppeteer)

Plus, there are various gods and goddesses who've appeared in both universes (Hercules/Herakles, various Olympians, and, in Sandman, Thor, Loki and Odin)

Jeff R. said...

All of the Metal Men have an analog in the Elements of Doom, right?

The X-men and Checkmate both have a Bishop (and, arguably, a White Queen)

Anonymous said...

No one has yet named THE EEL; loser Marvel villain and recent Aquaman bad guy.

And how about the WIZARD, foe of the JSA and Fantastic Four?

And I think Lobo had an arch nemesis called ICE MAN.

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Marionette said...

A lot of the gods and goddesses cross over, but two memorable issues of Thor feature Wonder Woman's mom.

Tom Foss said...

Pretty sure there's a Jackal in both universes, as well.

Des said...

Black Racer: Marvel's green-haired Serpent Society member and DC's Black Knight cosmic cross country ski dude.

Anonymous said...

Also, although he orginally came whatever company first published the Terra Obscura characters, Tom Strange was actually at first Dr. [Thomas] Strange.

Anonymous said...

And of course, there was Mentallo (a Micronauts villain that later popped up in Marvel Team-Up as an agent of Professor Power) and Flex Mentallo.

rafi-el said...

Max Mercury was known as Quicksilver when he was published by Quality comics.

Tom Foss said...

Speed Demon was both a Flash villain and a small-time Avengers and Spider-Man villain, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Ringmaster was the leader of the Circus of Crime at Marvel and a one-time Flash villain at DC.

The Wrecker was a 1950s Batman villain at DC and a Thor and Avengers villain at Marvel.

And at Quality Comics, in a story DC reprinted in the 70s after they bought QC out, Quicksilver (mentioned above) battled a villain called The Wasp.

R Greene said...

It leaves one to wonder who does the ranking. Is there a list kept of characters too small to care about? Do people in the Marvel and DC offices maintain a list of "C-List" characters that they on't care if someone else creates. It's not like all the A-List names are so good... ("Talia Head"--I mean really?!)

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one named the Guardian (Leader of Alpha Flight/Leader of Newsboy Legion), especially since others remembered obscure Alpha Flight characters.
Also, Puck (Alpha Flight/a.k.a. Robin Goodfellow in the Sandman "Midsummer Night's Dream" issue).
There's Triton (Marvel's aquatic Inhuman/DC aquatic minor God).
And there were also a few G.I. Joe characters with DC names. (They met J.J. Jameson and the Transformers, it's technically Marvel continuity).
Hawk (One-time leader of G.I. Joe/Dove's brother)
Stalker (Snake Eyes' buddy since Vietnam/weird Ditko creation that barely lasted a few issues)

rafi-el said...

The Enchantress exists at both companies.

The Blackhawk battle cry "Hawk-aaa" probably soounded a bit like "Hawkeye".

Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Universe are pretty close.

How about two Robert Graysons being heroes?

Anonymous said...

olThor was in Sandman, as well as marvel. I know sandman is vertigo but if sandman can meet martian manhunter why not?

Anonymous said...

Quicksilver, which was Max Mecury's name back when he was a Quality character.