Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dr. Domino's Haikuesday

Before we get to Dr. Domino's "Plan B", we have to pause to enjoy

Haikuesday at the Absorbascon.

Fortunately, that enjoyment is commensurable with Dr. Domino Week, since the good doctor himself will provide us not one, but two haikus to inspire us. Dr. Domino is so impressive!

"Tracy! I've no time
to waste breaking you down! But --

there are other ways!"

"He confessed he sold
his bacteria cloudburst
formula to you."

You know, there aren't a lot of characters would could work "bacteria cloudburst formula" (a lovely nature image, by the way) into a smooth haiku in the middle of interrogating a tie-torture victim. Just another reason Dr. Domino is one of the greats, people.

Can you meet Dr. Domino's challenge by composing a haiku that celebrates both Haikuesday and Dr. Domino week at the same time?


Brian said...

Monolithic head
Six spots under yellow skies
And clenched fist of DOOM!

Need a hero gone?
Nothing says "Die!" like concrete.
Come to Bosporus!

Wonder Woman? Pffft!
Even she can't stand before
My mighty ruffles!

Hate Filled Poster said...

Haikuesday is neat,
yet Domino's mouth must bleet
that this is his week!

Anonymous said...

Six pips high and low
Is the signal that we know
Our doom is assured

Anonymous said...

Sinister captain
of henchmen run battleship
brings doom once released

Anonymous said...

Troubling game piece
Sits atop villainous head
What does it all mean?

Scipio said...

You guys are getting disturbingly good at this, you know...

Scipio said...

Oh, and, Shane?

Whose dial do YOU think the Dr. Domino heroclix custom should borrow?

Jeremy Rizza said...

No skull in helmet
Arnim Zola put face in
Chest (behind ruffles)

Veridian death
Wipes out whole customer base
Of Eddie Bauer

Des said...

I speak with forked tongue,
shaking my fist and wondering
why my head's this way.

Must be some kind of
gambling addiction or just
a tired novelty.

Anonymous said...

Haikuesday rules, but
Dr. Domino's name eats
up five syllables!

Scipio, I know
he's far beyond awesome but
next time, please: Kite-Man

Des said...

He gave Vibe as a
Haiku Tuesday option. What
more do you want? hmmm?

Des said...

Scipio, in your honour I just reviewed I Can't Believe IT's Not the Justice League all in haiku at my blog...check it out at your leisure.

Scipio said...

Gosh, des--

you really ARE an "unemployed English teacher", LOL!!!

Des said...

you know it!

Hate Filled Poster said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure. Haven't looked at my Heroclix in a while. I would think one of the humanlike Batman villains. Or maybe someone like Manta?

Dylan said...

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