Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Starman's Poetry Cosmic

It's Haiku Tuesday again! This time, let's have everyone's favorite drama queen, the glorious Golden Age Starman, show us how it's really done.

So overwhelming is the combination of Starman's raw power of personality and Olympic-level erudition that through the sheer force of his presence he compels his nattily dressed quarry to complete the friggin' haiku for him.

How far do you think
you're going to get? Steel door
crumbling like that! Help!

I tell you, words are not adequate to express my admiration for Starman. Perhaps you can help!

Can you compose a haiku to analyze this situation or praise the glory of Starman?


Anonymous said...

Purple hat and pants
That Starman goes crazy for
A sharp-dressed villain

Anonymous said...

Pugnacious tough guy
Runs like a little girl from
Starman's crimson tights

Anonymous said...

Purple pants, red tie
And steel door will protect me.
Oh no, its Starman!

Brian W said...

Starman's golden rod
will punish evildoers.
Watch your behind, sir!

Chris said...

Dapper villain runs;
Steel door crumbling power
Too much for evil!

Jeremy Rizza said...

The steel door crumbled,
He's right behind me, and I
Think I crapped my pants.

Jeremy Rizza said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Scip: You've got to blow up these Haiku Scans, color correct them ala Lichenstein, frame, and sell them! I would totally buy one or all of them. They are awesomeness itself.

JP said...

Cosmic rays inspire
Although a mere hood, I join
Starpower Haiku tag

What would the copyright issues with Anonymous' suggestion be? People might actually go for those prints!

Des said...

Purple fedora!
Upstage me at the masque-
-rade ball, hmm? Eat rod!

Scipio said...


I'm pretty sure that would be enormously illegal.

I'll check with Devon, who knows such things.

Anonymous said...

Curse You Starman! You
ruined my acceptance speech for
Best Dressed Underling!

Anonymous said...

The legality may be a bit muddy, but hey, Lichenstein did it. So did Warhol, and with more than comic books.

It probably goes under 'homage' banner, depending on how much you change the image.

Anonymous said...

Did you crop 'down' out of the panel?

Of course, it's still a haiku if you take 'down' out and add the 'help!' back.

Scipio said...

My mistake, Methane!