Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poet Aureate

He's evil.

He's brilliant.

AND he's poetic.

Waverider. The seer
of Hypertime. Keeper of
divergent timelines.

Nice one, Evil Skeets! Anybody can make a haiku, but only a true villain can make them sound really ominous.

The glory of Evil Skeets deserves haiku (as does the imminent destruction of much-despised Living Plot Device and leftover embarrasment, Waverider).

Can you do Skeets justice with haiku of your own?


Anonymous said...

Flaming heads are dumb
Go Evil Skeets! Get 'em good!
Where is Firestorm?

Anonymous said...

Haiku #1

Once righteous sidekick,
You now heed a darker lord!
Thou follow thyself!

Haiku #2

Skeet, floating ovoid,
you are like a less racist
version of Egg Foo.

Matthew E said...

Skeets: evil. Dirk Davis:
Manhunter. Wow. That Booster
Gold sure could pick 'em.

Anonymous said...

Skeets feels he was wronged
He seeks what was denied him:
Opposable thumbs

JYD said...

On the JL Toon
Skeets was voiced by Billy West
From Futurama.

Anonymous said...

Who can stop Skeets now?
Who has a cooler spaceship?
Poop-a-doop! Quislet!

Arm-Fall-Off-Boy said...

Annoying robot;
Annoying temporal guy;
Feh! to both of them.

Anonymous said...

PDA gone bad
Destroys Jurgens' legacies
Up next: suicide?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Waverider.
I hate to tell you this, but
You're wearing my skin.

T said...

I don't have a haiku of my own [yet], but isn't this the fourth or fifth time Waverider has died? It's like people keep bringing the Linear Men back to life to kill them again. Either these characters are the "Kenny" of the DC Universe, or there constant resurrections are some sort of sign... personally, I think the Linear Men could be used well, if given the chance.

T said...

er, "their," not "there"

Anonymous said...

Scipio, I just noticed:

"Poet Aureate"

The Golden Poet.

Just wanted you to know someone appreciated the reference.

(BTW, is the c silent in scipio?)