Thursday, September 13, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • "Drusilla"? Nice. Very nice.
  • Yes, Gar, we're all mortified by J'onn's giant head.
  • Best "Using a live yeti's intestines as a bungie cord" scene ever!
  • So, who is that sitting beside Scarecrow?
  • "Your enemies, the Accordians."
  • Her brother? Duh; of course he is (half-brother, really)! Why didn't I think of that?
  • "Lethal force authorized".
  • The Joker defines comedy.
  • If there's anything cooler than shattering a jeep with one kick, it's shattering a jeep with one kick in heels. What the heck are her boots made out of, anyway?!
  • Amazing Boy.
  • Okay, I haven't laughed out loud that hard at a mummy since... well, the last time one showed up in Countdown. Mummies are the new zombies.
  • Decapitation by stick?! Maybe I need to start reading Wildstorm!
  • Guy Gardner having to tell someone he's straight.
  • Batman hiring strippers.
  • Freddie Freeman's soul patch makes him hot. Me, too.
  • "I was just trying to raise money for film school!"
  • The new anti-Trinity of the Joker, Luthor, and Cheetah
  • Only Booster Gold would have figured out that way of 'defeating' Sinestro; sheer genius.
  • Please tell me that's Geo-Force's corpse. Because that would be just too fitting.
  • Wildcat beating the snot out of Wildcat.
  • John Stewart's a lot beefier than Hal Jordan.
  • That Kyle and Jason instinctively hated each other immediately.
  • Whatever happened to ... Goth?
  • No matter what McDuffie claims, that's a parody of Meltzer's JLA, not an homage, and it is a wicked one. Good for you, Dwayne.
  • Black Adam's magic word-association game.
  • Using speedsters as bread crumbs.
  • The cameo by Dr. Thirteen & Co.
  • That's T.O. Morrow in the corner. Uh-oh.
  • The JSA riding a fire engine. That is the JSA, people.
  • "No man escapes me!" He's still the funniest character in comics today.
  • "Of course I've had maple syrup, Maxine... but on pancakes?!"
  • The original Black Condor .... at a BACHELOR PARTY?!?!?!?
  • "Get your hands off my husband!"
  • So ... Booster Gold inspired the Sinestro Corps?
  • The JLA Wedding Special is darned funny. At first.


CandidGamera : said...

Puzzled on: Drusilla; Her brother; Film School.

Loved Sinestro stroking his mustache while pondering evilly.

Nate said...

Booster Gold is turning out to be one awesome ride. Just lots and lots of bones thrown to us fanboys.

SallyP said...

Gosh, there were LOADS of goodies this week. Booster Gold provided a ton of them all by itself.

I did like Hal and the strippers. Hal, you really should have more than $30 on you! What happened to all that moola you won at the casino with Bruce?

And the JSA DO look fabulous riding in a firetruck. AND making pancakes.

Scipio said...

"Drusilla; Her brother; Film School."

Buy "Wonder Girl" No. 1.

Anonymous said...

I really like your weekly "Things" column, but it'd be great if you provided issues. If not issues next to the bullet points, at least at the bottom, "These points taken from. . " I normally buy most DC each week, but not all, would probably get the ones you mention which I wouldn't normally.

Brian Hinshaw said...

I wish every week had as much Geoff Johns and Dwayne McDuffie in it.

Patrick C said...

This was a good week for comics, and I haven't even read JSA or Green Lantern yet!

Caleb said...

I'm thinking that's not Black Condor I, but a Meat Locker dancer who got lost on the way to the bachelorette party.

JohnF said...

I'm afraid to report that Geo-Force is going to pull through. Would that it were otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"No man escapes me!" He's still the funniest character in comics today.

It was a good week for Manhunter jokes. John Stewart made a crack at one in Green Lantern too, thus proving that he is equal to -if not greater than- Skeets in terms of "Sassiness In The Face Of Really Scary Supervillains".

rachelle said...

I can't believe how awesome Booster Gold is. It makes me so happy.

Derek said...

As of issue 2, Booster Gold is already my favourite comic on the stands.

I actually had to get up and leave the room in the middle of reading it. There was just too much awesome; I was overwhelmed.

Andrew said...

Laughed out loud and had to temporarily stop reading Booster to regain my senses when I reached the Corps part. Brilliant.

[verification: oollu? is that someone Captain Kirk bedded?]

poop scoop said...

Since when did Anthro learn English

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Joker was merely swiping Mel Brooks' definition of comedy/tragedy.

At first I was troubled by his pulling a Carlos Mencia, but after all, it's only fitting he'd steal jokes - he's evil.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting "Eek eek, Mr. Hunter" to show up in the usual 'best quotes' poll, but... Well, I obviously spaced.

I was actually taken aback by the implication that Booster, while trying to minimize damage to the timeline, had played some hand in creating the Sinestro Corps. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

I...I'm so embarrassed. I don't know what "Drusilla" in Wonder Girl refers to.

Yes, you'll have to take away my Gay card now.

Is it a Golden Age identity WW used to use that I've never seen?

Scipio said...

"I don't know what "Drusilla" in Wonder Girl refers to."

On the Linda Carter television series, Wonder Girl's name was "Drusilla".

Anonymous said...

You missed, "No Manhunter escapes The Man!"


Scipio said...

Yeah, that was a darned good one, too!

Jon Hex said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Scip..

where did these happened?

"That Kyle and Jason instinctively hated each other immediately."

"Whatever happened to ... Goth?"

"The cameo by Dr. Thirteen & Co."

"Batman hiring strippers"

And did McDuffie said that the opening pages of the special were an homage to Meltzer's run? XD


Scipio said...

"That Kyle and Jason instinctively hated each other immediately."

The Search for Ray Palmer

"Whatever happened to ... Goth?"

"The cameo by Dr. Thirteen & Co."
Booster Gold

"Batman hiring strippers"
JLA Wedding Special

"And did McDuffie said that the opening pages of the special were an homage to Meltzer's run?"
Not to my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

"The Search for Ray Palmer"
Heh, I don't know why but when you said "Kyle and Jason" I inmediately assumed you meant Firestorm.