Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Yojimbo

As promised, Sunday is our day to reveal the personalized Heroclix tokens I've been making of the readers of this blog. Next up is the Asian bodyguard, or 'Yojimbo'.

This token gets its stats from a Marvel pog, the "Frenchie Duchamp" from the Avengers set. That's that set where pogs really started to get useful! Who is Frenchie Duchamp? I dunno; sounds like a forgotten member of the Blackhawks or something.

It has solid Attack and Defense Values, and as a gun-wielder has a range of 6 and does 2 clicks of Damage. All this for only 8 points!

As for the Yojimbo, well, don't let that Dean Cain face fool you. This guy will cap you faster than you can say hello and if he's out of bullets, he'll just bite your nose off.

He's a Yojimbo, he's daddy was a Yojimbo, and his father before him. Maiming and killing is just another family tradition, so if you get an invitation to the reunion, pass.

He's dressed for casual clubbing, so your "dangerous bodyguard alarms" don't go off the second you see him; it's part of his style.

And who is portraying the Yojimbo? It's Australian Heroclix player Eugene Chee, who's never lost a game, it's said, because opponents are afraid he'd bite their noses off.

Yeesh, how tough must you be if Australians are afraid of you...?!


Anonymous said...

"Yeesh, how tough must you be if Australians are afraid of you...?!"
Thanks for the complement Scip, I didn't realise us aussies were regarded as being so tough! lol
the pog turned out awesome. I'll let you know what Eugene thinks when he sees it ;)

Unknown said...

Frenchie DuCahmp is Moon Knight's sidekick/pilot.

John Chidley-Hill said...

Eric beat me to the punch... in the current series, Frenchie has admitted to himself that he is in love with Marc Spector (aka Moonknight) and is now trying to persuade his boyfriend to not become Marc's new sidekick.

Baal said...

Yojimbo's hot.

Anonymous said...

Yojimbo loved the pog =)
he's sending the link to all his other mates now too ;)

Scipio said...

Yes, he IS hot, isn't he?

And I'm glad he liked the pog, "Benny"!