Friday, September 28, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Pa Luthor.
  • Wendy and Marvin's unorthodox weightlifting program.
  • The Duke of Deception. Good to see ya again!
  • The Return of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. For a few pages, at least!
  • Brimstone with a starrophyte on its face.
  • Nazi Flash's costume.
  • Black Condor versus Firebrand on American Indian history.
  • Jimmy Olsen is a very hot mer-man. Bait my hook!
  • Tim's plan for making a 'real difference'. Tim Drake; still the coolest person in the DCU.
  • Circe's 'gift'. Clever way of having our cake and eating it, too. I like it. But I have little expectation that it will continue...
  • Martian Manhunter with a starrophyte on his face.
  • The Mask? Yeah, we definitely need her in WW's Rogues Gallery.
  • The Crime Society.
  • "He needs our help with his sexy fight!"
  • Wonder Girl I and Wonder Girl II are Nightwing and Robin. Yes, they are; the Dynastic Centerpiece model will not be denied.
  • Blue Beetle is a good student, and teaches Dr. Zuel a lesson.
  • Okay, could the dirty stinking Rannies have been any more vile to Adam Stranger this week? The scorpion stings, Adam; it is its nature.
  • We use their bones as fertilizer on the next crop? Now, THAT is over the top villainy.
  • Careful, Mxyzptlk; stare at the Fourth Wall long enough, and it will stare back at you!
  • Jaime Reyes's parents can make me cry every time they appear; it's their superpower.
  • The Red Bee's Ironically Apt Empowerment takes a turn for the worse.
  • Lex Luthor frenching Lois Lane.
  • What Lex Luthor did after frenching Lois Lane.
  • Heinrich Himmler as Max Headroom.
  • Heh. Timberwolf came before Wolverine. Never forget that.
  • PLEASE please please tell her name is "White Canary"... . PLEASE.
  • Jason Todd the Wishbone.
  • Piranhas and wasps in a death trap? Nice one, Morrison!
  • How Peacemaker ruined his boots in Arizona.
  • Snapper Carr versus Starro, I expected. Snapper Carr versus the Trinity, I did not expect.


Nate said...

"How Peacemaker ruined his boots in Arizona."

Friggin great book this week. When Peacemaker showed up in all with the 90's look, I was worried, but he's turning into good casting on this book.

rachelle said...

Ahahaha...White Canary.

Anonymous said...

Jaime Reyes's parents can make me cry every time they appear; it's their superpower

Truer words were never spoken, or, um...blogged. Jaime Reyes has the greatest supporting cast in recent comicbook history.

Derek said...

I must have missed something this week.

Starro? Mer-Jimmy? Luthor frenching Lois? Timberwolf? White Canary?

So confuzzled.

But not TOO confuzzled, because I can still recognize that, yes, Tim Drake is the coolest person in the DCU.

Oh, and I managed to develop a Comic Book Crush on the Red Bee in a scant six pages. They better not kill her off already. If she goes evil, fine; evil's sexy. But if she dies, I shall be very cross.

Scipio said...

Starro is in JLA Classified AND Teen Titans this week; last week it was in LSH31stC.

For Jimmy and Lois, get Superman Confidential.

Timberwolf's in Legion (as one would expect) and "White Canary" is in Countdown

Anonymous said...

I have grave concerns about the Red Bee too -- after all, bees die once they've stung. She should change her name to the Red Wasp.

Nate said...

Wow! Omar Cruz is right!

Anonymous said...

"Wendy and Marvin's unorthodox weightlifting program"?

And have the tactics of blog comment spammers ever worked on anyone? Some people must fall for it since they keep doing it, but the thought that human beings could be that stupid boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

As always, these entries leave me thinking my DC pull-list isn't big enough. I love to read someone who's so positive about new comics.

"...and is really good written."

Wow. Just wow.

Scipio said...

"And have the tactics of blog comment spammers ever worked on anyone?"

Sadly, this keeps happening and may force me to return to Comment Moderation, which I do not want to have to do...

Scipio said...

""Wendy and Marvin's unorthodox weightlifting program"?"

It's in Team Titans. You have to look carefully at the pictures...

David page said...

snapper carr as a checkmate agent actually makes me grin funnily enough

Ooohhh said...

Crime Society and Nazi Flash? Where may I find these two intriguing concepts?

Anonymous said...

ooohhh: "Countdown" and "Countdown to Adventure" respectivly.

MaGnUs said...

This was a good week indeed. And where's "Team Titans"?