Sunday, September 23, 2007

Swimming Trophies

Finny friends, come to my aid! The all-power internet can't solve this riddle for me, but I bet you can.

Like Batman and Superman, Aquaman had a Hall of Trophies. It was in the Aquacave.

1. What items do we know were in the Aquacave?
2. What items are likely to have shown up as trophies, even if we never actually saw them?

I'm thinking of making a Heroclix map for the Aquacave, and I just gotta know what was in it...


Zaratustra said...

2) His hook hand. Also, old Topo's embalmed body. aand his blue-white outfit from the nineties.

Anonymous said...

I have some ideas, including some actual panels showing trophies (I'm fairly certain that the Fisherman's costume was one of them). I'll be out all day today but I'll get the info to you tomorrow.

Just promise not to share it with any of those people who think Ray Palmer should slap me. I fear anonymous threats of comic book violence!

The Mutt said...

Displayed next to the hook should be the first harpoon he strapped to his arm (which looked freaking awesome), a Black Manta helmet, a bridle and saddle from his days of riding giant seahorses, a rod and reel from The Fisherman and bronzed baby shoes.

Scipio said...

Thanks, H; but don't blame them, you're the one who dared compare him to Hank Pym!

Anonymous said...

In a niche off the east wall...a hula skirt?!

Tegan said...

Time and Tide shows a bunch of items on the walls in the framing sequence.

Pictures of his family, including Vulko. Various hooks and swords. A periscope. The Key to the City Aquaman received when he first met Flash. Books, including The Atlantis Chronicles. A gun he took from Ocean Master. A skeleton of a sea monster. A stuffed sea monster head.

The Year One Annual also has a framing sequence set in the cave.

A diving helmet. A Hula skirt (that Mera wore). A giant feather. A trunk with clothes in it. A statue.

Anonymous said...

1. The Crusader's costume has been shown to be there.
2. The bodiless uniform of Dagon. The jar containing the potion that took away his Aqua-powers. Peter the Puffer Fish.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one other thing: Aquaman's JLA communication radio, crusted with 70-million-year-old dirt.

Anonymous said...

Speculative stuff:

-- Hunk of coral and Jolly Roger flag from first supervillain case (vs. Captain Black Jack) More Fun Comics #74, the second Aquaman story and the first that can easily be "updated" to be part of the E-1/Post-Crisis version's career)

-- Pearls given as an honor by chief Keoki for defeating Black Jack (More Fun #75, first appearance of the Aquacave!)

-- a vialful of magic sands that briuefly transformed Shark Wilson/Norton into a hark witha human brain and face (Adventure Cmics #203, curatorial notes courtesy of John "Mikishawm" Wells)

-- landwalker-helmet used to defeat Shark Wilson/Norton in Adventure Comics #267 (curatorial notes courtesy of John "Mikishawm" Wells)

-- Original art of flattering newspaper cartoon with autograph from Ramona Fradon (from his publicity campaign in Adventure Comics #226)

-- Film copy of "The Adventures of Sea-boy," all stunt-woirk by Aqualad (Detective Comics #297)

-- A set of clothes belonging to one C. King (JLofA v.1 #6)

-- Fish fossil once animated by Quisp (Aquaman v.1 #1)

-- Anti-Mera gun from their wedding-day adventure (Aquaman v.1 #18)

-- A golden (Appelaxian) feather inscribed with the names of the JSA, JLA, Freedom Fighters, Blackhawks, and others (JLA: Year One #11-2)

-- The cracked helmet of the Ocean Master, from Aquaman (Pozner/Hamilton mini) #4

-- A map of Cerdia (from the criminally underrated Dan Jurgens run)

-- Chunk of wall with the ash-pattern of the renegade angel Traumiel (JLA #6)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the huge jar of tartar sauce. And be sure to put some torches on the wall by his bookshelf so he can see what he's reading...underwater...

Scipio said...

This version of the Aquacave is, I believe, air-filled and above sea-level. The drawing seems to suggest that.

When the Silver Age Aquacave is introduced in the second Aqualad story, it too is air-filled, though the entrance is underwater.

P.S. Did they actually call it an 'anti-Mera gun'? Because, if so, that's fabulous.