Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in comics this week.

  • The most relaxing Big Monkey Podcast of all.
  • Jordana Gardner. Who'd thunk it?
  • Poor Catwoman. But really, it's inevitable, and thank you, Will Pfeiffer, for realizing it.
  • Bouncing Boy versus Starro.
  • I really have no idea why a badger is attacking Phobia, but I love it anyway.
  • Pomegranate magaritas?
  • I actually enjoyed the Flash this week!
  • Nice G'norrt cameo in Legion.
  • The entire history of the relationship between Green Arrow and Black Canary in three pages.
  • See? I told you Klarion's a bad guy. Don't believe otherwise.
  • Lois brings mace and brass knuckles to a wedding? Good old Lo-lo!
  • Good lord, it's Serling Roquette; I'd almost forgotten her.
  • Those are gardening gloves the Spectre wears, aren't they?
  • "The U.S. Navy?!!" Heh; nice one.
  • Well, THAT's an interesting origin for Eclipso, and probably the most sensible one so far. Even if it turns out to be a lie.
  • See? Everybody knows he's an idiot.
  • Good lord, I'd almost forgotten the origin of the cold-gun.
  • Impressive recap of the Fate helmet's recent history.
  • That the four men wearing suits to a bachelor party are Clark Kent, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Plastic Man.
  • Two successive panels in Robin completely encapsulated the spectrum of Batman's personality.
  • Wait... is that Power Girl spanking a stripper...?
  • Soup into a colander? That's ingenious.
  • Connor Hawke can perform weddings; monks are cool.
  • The Return of Mister Terrible.
  • Tad Williams, who realizes that Aquaman can crush a gun, that Vandal Savage is just a caveman, that Lorena would take the time to paint an "A" on her armor, and that Aquaman has the power to defeat Krusivax and save the world.
  • "I came for the fight."
  • I love the realistic mundanity of Kent Nelson's fall from grace.
  • Plastic Man versus Clayface.
  • Kyle becomes a penciller; take that, Dr. Wertham!
  • Hey, Eclipso; please remember he used to be Public Enemy No. 1!
  • Most surprising honeymoon ever!!!! And leave it to Ben Hatton to put all the pieces together...
  • I think BOP 110 just taught me to love the Huntress.
  • Zatarra's even hotter than Tim Drake, if that's possible.
  • Glad to see that Acuna realizes how freaking huge Central City/Keystone is.


SallyP said...

I agree with you on the badger vs Phobia, Scipio. It confuses, and yet delights me. Heck, I just loved the whole wedding thing right up to the last page, which was something of a...downer.

And G'nort? I missed G'nort!

Jon Hex said...

Power Girl was also posing for pictures.

Scipio said...

G'nort merely appears in "Legion in the 31st Century" in a montage of "people who probably shouldn't have gotten a power ring".

Caleb said...

I'm thinking a badger just took up residence in the cave while it was abandoned, and, hearing a big ruckus, jumped out to defend its territory.

Now, do badgers live in Rhode Island...?

After seeing all the fun stuff Conner packed into the backgrounds, I think she should probably draw the next whole-universe-guest-starring Crisis.

argh.sims said...

Maybe somebody mis-colored Gar Logan?

Chance said...

Doesn't Vandal Savage have super strength? I mean, he's not literally just a caveman who's lived a long time, right?

ChrisM said...

I've forgotten how old this feature is but let me re-iterate again how much I like it but how much it makes me impatient to get to this week's comics!!!

Anonymous said...

Vandal's powers change with the mood of the writer and with his opponent. If he's fighting Superman, he'll be super-strong. If he's fighting Green Lantern, he'll be a wizard. No explanation. No expectation that this'll ever happen again.

Most days, he's supposed to literally be a caveman who doesn't die, though.

The Mutt said...

I've always thought that Vandal Savage's superpower was that he was older than you, and he'll always be older than you, so you have to do what he tells you, because mom said so. And stay off his lawn.

Scipio said...

The badger can't be Beast Boy because he's elsewhere in the same panel.

It's just a badger attacking Phobia.

Anonymous said...

Badgers? We don' need no steenkeng badgers!!!

Anonymous said...

"Good lord, I'd almost forgotten the origin of the cold-gun." -- Our Host

Did I miss a Captain Cold appearance this week? I'd love to know what issue this is, if you don't mind.

Bill D. said...

Serling Roquette? Wow. Where did she turn up?

Scipio said...

Captain Cold did not turn up. But Flash utilize his knowledge of the origin of the cold gun his title.

Serling Roquette was in Countdown this week.

MaGnUs said...

Connor Hawke also does Bar Mitzvahs.

Anonymous said...

"Wait... is that Power Girl spanking a stripper...?"


...I'll be in my bunk.

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