Sunday, September 30, 2007

Heroclix Pog: the Running Dog

Sunday is custom Heroclix pog day, and today's is The Running Dog, starring the Credited Andrew Carl.

Don't you hate those craven hirelings who run at the little sign of trouble, such as the advent of a punishing alien that fires beams of energy from its hands or eyes that can level buildings? Spineless pansies!

Then you need to hire the Running Dog.

He's quiet and you can pay him in Sunny Surplus coupons.

He's armed for bear and actually looking for one.

He's determined, as represented by Willpower on his dial.

And he's a pitiless, stone cold killer, the kind who listens to opera in his headphones while aiming at your opponent's pesky Lian Harper.

How can you not love this man?

By the way, we are still looking for suitable submissions of personal photos for the following pogs:

  1. The Scrapper*(he's fast in a fight)
  2. The Gunsel (look weaselly; gunsels are always weaselly. The Gunsel has Stealth).
  3. "Two-Gun" (I don't care if you're a grandmother of four, if you can get two real pistols in your hands in the pic, then you are Two-Gun)
  4. The Gunwoman (in a pantsuit, I should think)
  5. The Gunslinger (he watches the Country/Western channel)
  6. The Punk Kid (if you're a bit long in the tooth, I'll just take off the 'kid' part)
  7. The Enforcer (this guy looks he'll hurt you, for money)
  8. The Bruiser (this guy is big but slow)
  9. The Tough Guy (this one has Toughness, so please look you could actually take a punch to the face without falling over)
  10. Judo Guy ("I paid Joon Rhee good money for those classes and now is my chance to show off for the boss!)
  11. Judo Gal ("I am totally going to show up that jackass, Judo Guy!")
Should be pictured with gun.


Anonymous said...

Not that this has anything to do with Heroclix, but congrats on the nice writeup of your women's comics club in the Post today!

Andrew said...

"How can you not love this man?"

I have that tattooed across my chest. [not pictured]

Derek said...

Scip, I ran into another Absorbascon reader at the Starro tournament last Thursday.

We were all talking about the Aquaman figure we got last week, and the guy started talking about how Aquaman should have the ability to Mind Control Aquatic figures.

When he brought up fishclix, I knew he was a fellow Absorbacommando.

Scipio said...

LOL! Where was that?

I'm hoping that in the next set, they will have an Aquaman that has special powers from the SOA and Starro Slave figures,

"Surge" (Charge with plus 2 speed in the water),
"King of the Seven Seas" (Invulnerability in water and Toughness out of it), and
Aquatic Telepathy,
(Perplex to any and all Aquatic characters within view).

Except it should be Impervious in water and Invulnerable out of water!

Scipio said...

""How can you not love this man?"

I have that tattooed across my chest."

That's funny...

that's not where I have it tattooed!

Scipio said...

Thanks, John! It was a short piece, but pleasant. And I was very happy about the nice color photo.

I am hoping it will attract more women to the group!

Jon Hex said...

He looks like Gunhawk's sidekick.


Anonymous said...

The Gunslinger (he watches the Country/Western channel)

Oh, he's the one?

Chance said...

Okay, okay! I might send in a gun-strapping pic.

But where's your email info?

Derek said...

"LOL! Where was that?"

This was all the way in Naperille, Illinois.

Your sphere of influence grows.

And yes, an Aquaman with properly represented power would be nice. And I think there's a good chance of getting it; the people designing the dials have been doing a pretty good job of it as of late.

Scipio said...

"But where's your email info?"

Today, Naperille; tomorrow, the world.

MaGnUs said...

I get that they might not be acceptable, but did you ever receive any of my second batch of pics, the ones I took especially for this?

A simple acknowledgement will suffice.

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