Friday, September 21, 2007

"The Jungle" and other heroclix maps you can buy!

As you may have guessed from reading this blog, Heroclix is a big thing at the Big Monkey Comics stores. In addition to teaching the game and providing a forum for tournies and games, we try to do other fun stuff, like making special pogs, facilitating group orders on custom pogs, and designing special maps for our customers to play on.

Now, you too can share in some of the joy of being a Big Monkey Monkey customer who plays Heroclix, all in the comfort of your own home. Big Monkey Comics is proud to announce that our new line of custom Heroclix maps is now available through Xion Games!

The first three are water or "underwater" maps for all my fellow fans of Aquaman, and I think I've mentioned them on here before. Someday I hope to gather Will Pfeiffer, Kurt Busiek, Tad Williams and me around such a map, enjoying an all-aqua-game, watching the real Aquaman kayo Black Manta, who's just clobbered the Sword of Atlantis. And Ramona Fradon would be there, just sort of having tea and smiling at the little boys playing "Aquaman".

But the next two maps are ones you haven't seen and they are regular land-based maps.

Mercy Reef
Get out your "aquatic" clix! This all-underwater map has a coral reef separating opposing forces, and special rules for navigating its terrain. Take the plunge and visit Mercy Reef!

Sea Levels
For battles at and under the sea, you need "Sea Levels", which r
epresents one segment of the sea at four different depths (The Surface, the Diving Zone, Deep Water, and Sea Bottom), each with its own special rules for movement and terrain. Take your aquatic gameplay to a new level!

Sunburn Beach
Want a nice open map on which aquatic forces can invade the land (or vice versa)? Pit landlubbers against ocean-dwellers at Sunburn Beach!

The Old Cemetery
A graveyard is a spooky place for a battle ... and a tricky one! Special headstone and tomb terrain
make for lots of strategy. Will your figures survive "hide and seek" or wind up remaining in ... the Old Cemetery?!

The Jungle
"The Jungle" is a dangerous place, and now your Heroclix games can take place there! With lots of undergrowth (hindering terrain) and trees (blocking terrain), plus the river and the pond (water terrain), the Jungle is a challenge to get around in, let alone fight the enemy. Oh, look out for the crocodiles, gorillas, tigers, boas, vipers that occupy Danger Terrain. And did we mention the quicksand...?

Did I say "regular"? Well, that's a lie, of course. Each of them has special terrain, designed to enliven and give a bit more variety to your Heroclix gameplay. The Old Cemetery has "headstone terrain"; you can occupy it like hindering terrain, but from outside it blocks line of sight. That way, your figures can creep around hiding behind headstones! But the elevated terrain on the tops of tombs serves as special vantage points for attacking (or being attacked!). There's more than you might expect going on in an Old Cemetery.

Our latest map, the Jungle, has "Danger Terrain" which 'attacks' anyone who lands on it and "Elastic Terrain", such as the quicksand that requires breakaway. Beware the boa constrictor because it's BOTH! In the Silver Age, big monkeys came from the jungle; nowadays, "The Jungle" comes from Big Monkey.

Just think how many characters need to be on this map! Adventurer Rex "Metamorpho" Mason. Archeologists Adam Strange, Carter Hall, and Kent Nelson the first. Ray "Sword of the Atom" Palmer. Animal Man, Vixen, Cat-Man, & Bronze Tiger! Changeling & Cheetah! Copperhead and Eclipso! Gorilla Grodd, M'sieur Mallah, and the Ultrahumanite! Killer Croc and Kobra! Green Arrow and Sargent Rock! Poison Ivy and Solomon Grundy! Heck, the whole Suicide Squad, since they seemed to spend lots of time in the jungle... .

Oh, for those who buy the Jungle map, I've made a few special pogs for it. Of course!

You can't see it easily, but Bomba has the Aquatic ability, so he can wade through the river for you. Both he and Congo Bill are legal by the way, because their stats are identical to existing tokens (Bomba is based on Mera, and Congo Bill, with extreme irony, is based on Ken Hale). I'll make some more tokens for jungle characters, if anyone wants them and comes up with good ideas for ones to use.

The little capuchin monkeys below are special tokens you can add to the game. Nobody owns them, they're just sort of 'moving terrain'.

There are three trees on the map that have monkeys pictured on them. A capuchin token is placed adjacent to each of those trees, serving as blocking terrain. You can choose to move one of the capuchins as one of your actions during your turn (although they cannot be "pushed").

Like any token, the capuchins tie up regular figures, so you can use a monkey to run up and base an opposing figure, which must either breakaway or kayo the monkey (but that's bad luck). Of course, they have leap/climb, so your opponent can make them run back at you! Pesky little monkeys!


Anonymous said...

I'll make some more tokens for jungle characters, if anyone wants them and comes up with good ideas for ones to use.

Here's a thought:

Devon Sanders said...

That is so wrong on SO many levels.

Scipio said...

What can I say? They were the first names that popped into my head!

What else would you name them?


Anonymous said...

If you made a rhesus monkey / macaque token, you'd have one that could be a real, but unexpected, threat.

As I've been learning at my new job (where people work with them), they carry a form of herpes which gives them cold sores but gives humans fatal encephalitis.

Also, macaques have been known to kill Senate campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Aquamullet's Justice League Aquatic (300 pts):

Aquamullet (JL002)68pts
Aquaman V (HT054) 41pts
Aquaman V (IC027) 71pts
Animal Man R (OR037) 46pts
Vixen V (CD009) 44pts
(that's 270)

Then I used Stingray from Avengers for 29pts and some much needed range.

Surely Mera and/or Dane Durrance and some feats would be more thematic.

Michael Strauss said...

My new "Out of Shadows" Batman demands that graveyard map. In fact, I wouldn't even need an opponent. I could just break out the map, the new Bats and Joe Chill and reenact the dream sequences from any number of O'Neil/Aparo comics.

As for the jungle map, my 400 point Suicide Squad team is already licking their chops.

Bronze Tiger + Damage Shield
Boomerbutt + Armor Piercing
Vet Deadshot + Trickshot
Vet Enchantress
Vet Catman
and Amanda Waller + house rules white power "Don't Sass Me, Boy" (The Wall gets Willpower and Outwit)

Patrick C said...

Not to be too demanding, but when will you talk about the Wedding Special? I need someone with more DC knowledge than myself to help identify some of the cameos!

Scipio said...

Well, I mention it in tomorrow's "Things That Made Me Happy", but I really don't want to spoil it for people. They deserve to it experience for themselves first...!

Patrick C said...

Very true. I'll reserve my comments on it until then.

And I've never played Heroclix, but I keep getting the itch to try it out whenever you blog about it. I'll give in one of these days. What do you recommend buying first for it? Do they have some sort of starter set?

Scipio said...

The Legion is the most recent Starter Set,with copies of the rules and such. But you can download rules on-line.

I recommend just starting fresh with the new Justice League set that came out this month. If you can, buy a whole "brick" (that's a grouping of ten boosters with five figures in each) at once; that's your best bet for making sure you get as many of the different figures as possible.

The only other basic equipment you need are some maps (which you buy from Xion) and some dice.