Thursday, August 09, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in (and about) my comics this week.

  • Ollie wears a size twelve? No wonder Black Canary stays with him.
  • Black Adam gives new meaning to "determination"!
  • The price for Hank Henshaw's loyalty.
  • The Ant Map.
  • The Adam Strange Showcase, which I haven't cracked yet, because I know it will be so full of the loathsome vileness of dirty stinkin' Rannies, that it's gonna make me blow my top!
  • I really like the murder mystery when Batman meets the Club of Heroes. Very spooky; love the Black Glove splash pages. "The Most Dangerous Game" isn't exactly the most original plot, but since Grant Morrison can't write a comprehensible plot of his own, he's at least stealing the classic ones!
  • Bug pogs.
  • How the Justice League defeated Kid Amazo... and vice versa.
  • I'll be darned if the Sinestro Corps hasn't made me warm up to the Green Lantern Corps (a book I never ever would have bought before). I'm not sure the entire universe has enough scenery for all these villains to chew!
  • Playing Heroclix with Mr. Mxyzptlk.
  • Apparently, Atom Smasher likes ladyfingers.
  • The new episode of the Big Monkey Podcast, which is now available here and on the I-Tunes.


Nate said...

I agree on the Sinestro corp war. This is the first time I'm picking up GL books religiously since Jon Stewart was subbing for Hal.

Oh, and something that made me happy. I just picked up the Invasion miniseries off of Ebay for $7 including shipping.

Anonymous said...

I've never read a Grant Morrison plot that I couldn't comprehend. Doom Patrol, Animal Man, New X-Men, Kid Eternity, Vinimarama, We3, Seaguy, The Invisibles (halfway through the trades)... all perfectly comprehensible.

Now, some of it may not be good, but that's a whole other thing...

Anonymous said...

I thought it was more "And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians" than "Most Dangerous Game," myself. No one's being actively hunted yet...

Christine Smith said...

I just listened to the podcast. You know, I think y'all are right that there's something intrinsic in Marvel about heroes fighting each other. I mean, their greatest Timley epics of the Golden Age were the Namor/Human Torch battles, so it goes WAY back. Maybe I shouldn't hate Marvel for being the beast it is.

(doesn't mean I'm gonna start reading it though....)

MaGnUs said...

* I wear a size 13.
* Loved Black Adam's first issue.
* Loved Hank Henshaw's price.
* Dammit, Gaucho looks like a pirate, not a gaucho!
* Hated the Kid Amazo Story.
* Sinestro Corps rulz.

Walter said...

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