Monday, October 03, 2005

Haiku: the Universal S.O.S.

You think Haikuesday is silly, eh? You think it's all my head, huh? All I know is, when the DC Universe itself cries out for aid, it does so

in haiku (JSA 77) ...

"We need help before
the universe dies before
reality ends."

Well, THAT's creepy.

So Airwave and Donna Troy zip off to help the Universe in Its Entirety, I guess. The issue was billed as a Day of Vengeance tie-in, but it felt more like a Rann-Thanagar thing. Regardless, when the Universe cries for help in haiku, you know it's serious.

What haiku can you compose to sympathize with the plight of the DC Universe, comment on the stupidity of Hal's idea of slicing New Chronus in half, or wonder at the concept of "Airwave to the rescue"?


Des said...

How about this:

If there were decent
creative teams on the flag-
ships then: no "All-Stars"

Of course we would be
free from the creepy high school
janitor Batman.

What's the deal with that?
Calling Robin retarded?
Out of character...

Anonymous said...

Airwave! Is he a
savior like Barry Allen
or OMAC fodder?

Universe ending?
Not before Aquaman gets
giant squid lovin'

Anonymous said...

Diana dying?
Looks like Donna is taking
Over the lasso.

Batman's goin' nuts.
Who will become the new knight?
Dick Grayson will. Yawn.

Golden Age Kal-L
May be behind the Crisis?
Ask again later.

Could Power Girl be
the sole survivor of the
destroyed multiverse?

is the unseen hand behind?
Seems too obvious.

Infinite Crisis:
the most fun I've had reading
DC in a while.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye, Superman
Universe dying, me glad
Hello, Bizarro

Anonymous said...

Airwave, certainly
You are the smarter of the
Hal Jordan cousins

Zip away, fly on
Join Donna Troy in her task
Bring Vibe back to us

Jeff R. said...

Ted believed there was
A conspiracy at work.
Maybe he was right.

Anonymous said...

Rapey dead z-list
Too late to save universe
Geoff Johns in control

Anonymous said...

Goddammit, Maser!
My new code name is Maser!
Get it right people!

Jeff R. said...

Maser belonged to
the Captains of Industry.
Hal'd rather forget.

Anonymous said...

I smell fried chicken!
Will Condor's corpse get angel
lust? Be still my heart!

I have always thought
That Air Wave was kinda hot.
Uh! Built-in e-stim.

The Flashes never
Survive Crises now do they?
¡AndalĂ© Wally!

Anonymous said...

Airwave! Airwave! He's
our man, if he can't do it,
the Universe dies!


It's down to Airwave?
I don't think I'll be making
any longterm plans.

Bully said...

I am not reading
Any one of these comics
Here's my haiku, though.

Matter-Eater Lad said...

When Guy Gardner said,
"Maser? I hardly know 'er!"
Everybody laughed.