Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Koryak's Haikuesday

My admiration for Aquaman's son, Koryak, grows with each passing month *sigh*.

Haikuesday this week is dedicated to Koryak, who is tall, dark, handsome, superpowerful, and poetic. Just look how casually he defeats an OMAC using only limited hard-water powers and some underwater haiku.

That won't work. It may
feel solid, but it's still just
a block of water.

Wow. Koryak's Heroic Haiku is expository, has flow and rhythm, shows confidence in his ability to dispense Sea Justice, and uses water-based nature imagery. The OMAC, of course, is crushed by the weight and force of Koryak's water and words.

Oh, Koryak, you make little Sally Brown hearts pop in and out all around my head every time you appear!

So, dear readers, what haiku can you compose to celebrate Koryak's glorious victory over the OMAC, the power or words and water, or the beauty of an underwater comic that looks like Leni Riefenstahl is its cinematographer?


Anonymous said...

Is there nothing it can't do?
No, I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Marley
is watching me fight this guy
He is wonderful

Scipio said...

Okay, now, THAT's funny...

Anonymous said...

Some boys love Koryak.
Meh. I guess he's not so bad,
He's just not my type.

I'm a verdophile.
There's no other boy for me
Than Brainiac 5!

Hate Filled Poster said...

Several pages
were missing in my copy.
Printing mistakes suck.

Does anyone else try to pronounce the word verification words?

It always sounds like someone is getting a little too excited or having a seizure.

Anonymous said...

Mighty sea muscles
and water powers dispose
of lame stock villain!

(To preserve the syllabic integrity
of the haiku, I avoided using his name because I don't know how it is pronounced. Is it Kor-yak or Kor-ee-ak?)