Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nice suit, Clark

Yes, Clark, I can just see the headline now,

"Kansas Lunatic Charged With Public Bestiality".

Oh, I kid! This is just another example of how much better people in the DCU are than, well, us.

Me, you, we'd try to get a front page story by racing to crime scenes or unearthing government corruption. Budding reporter Clark Kent, heh, he can get a front page story simply by putting on a gorilla suit (which, you'll note, is rented; he couldn't afford to buy his own until later in his career).

Oh, and in case you didn't recognize it from the Superman Showcase, this is from a little tale called:

"How Perry White Hired Clark Kent".

Naturally. Wouldn't you hire the man in that panel to work at your great metropolitan newspaper?


Anonymous said...

There's a Jayson Blair comment in there somewhere

Anonymous said...

Hey Scipio--you seen this yet?


Jeff R. said...

Well, yes, of course. "SUPERMAN PUTS OUT TREEHOUSE FIRE": Page one Headline. "PRESIDENT RESIGNS IN DISGRACE" goes on page A-17 in the Planet.

(Also stunned Scip isn't blogging about that link yet...)

Scipio said...

Oh, I've been told (Ian Brill clued me in); busy fuming about it first.

"Must ... let ... Devasting Reply Powers ... build..."

Captain Infinity said...

Maybe Mr. White was afraid of what this lunatic would do if he didn't hire him.

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