Monday, October 31, 2005

Top Ten Reasons...

Hal Jordan shouldn't have a power ring.

8. Even Hal thinks that fans of Hal are annoying goobers.

And, THAT, Chris, is why I'm not afraid of H.E.A.T. !!!


The Icon said...

Wow. That was totally unexpected. I wish someone had dug this up ten years ago. This just makes all that nonsense even funnier than it was.

Ragnell said...

Actually, I'd like to outline the wackiness that ensued from this scene. I know, this is normally taboo because it explains away the heroes' actions, but in this case it just makes Hal look progressively worse.

In order to avoid the Hal-fans, Hal runs off with Carol, and realizes she's planning to propose to him. So, in order to dodge the question, he creates a monster using his ring, as an excuse to fly off and fight. All to avoid Carol asking him to marry her!

Then Hal gets hit on the head and knocked out, and the monster he created rampages unchecked. What a Dork!