Thursday, October 20, 2005

Help From the Experts

My friend Sean Fahey of CHUD needs some help:

Need some help from the pros...

I'm trying to find all of the issues that comprise the
No Man's Land story (including Catalyst and

I know it's expansive - and runs through Detective,
Batman, Legends, Shadow, and Chronicles.

I also know there were some one-shots and some issues
of Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing and Azreal that touched
on it.

My eternal gratitude for anyone that comes up with a
complete list.

Naturally, Devon, who erreth not, at Seven Hells, came up with the basic list:

Batman 563-569, 571, 572, 573, 574

Batman:Shadow of The Bat 83-88, 92, 93, 94

'Tec 730-736, 738, 739, 740 & 741

Batman:No Man's Land # 0-1

Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight #116, 117, 119, 120, 121, 125, 126

Batman Chronicles 16, 18

But if you know of any other issues in other series that tie directly into No Man's Land, please let Sean know via email at

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