Monday, October 10, 2005

"Have you seen me?"

I saw this child's picture on my milk cartoon at breakfast. He seemed so familiar, as if I'd seem him before. I began to recall a name: Serbian? Servianus? Sebastian?

Oh, yes, I finally thought: Cerdian.

Yes, he's much easier to recognize with mother .... Duela? Endorphin? Delphine?

Oh, yes; Dolphin.

Okay, I know; Tempest himself has only been recently reintroduced since the Sub Diego event in the Aquaman book. But it had been quite a while before that since Dolphin had been seen, let alone Cerdian, let alone Cerdia, the country he's named after.

I can respect a retcon when it seems appropriate and I take no position on whether the Cerdian-Atlantean matter should be cannon or washed away by the waves of hypertime.

Yet the situation is an awkward one; children don't usually get retconned away (except for Duela Dent, and it was the only sensible thing to do). However, if the child still exists, he's named after a country whose annexation by Atlantis seems to have become a taboo subject. In fact, given what we know about what's happened to Atlantis over the last few years of continuity, it's hard to believe anything other than that the Cerdian war has been hypertimed away.

So ... does Cerdian exist? Does Cerdia? Anyone know?

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Marionette said...

You are aware that Duela is back? Not that she ever was the Joker's daughter, anyhow. That was always just a cover. Originally she was Harvey Dent's offspring.