Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Airwave Ain't the Only Hero On the Air

Originally uploaded by Scipio1.
SuperHero Radio is popular!

Very popular.

It's 65th on the list of Live365's hundreds of pop stations.

58 listeners have made it a pre-set on their on-line radio sets.

It has listeners in Sweden, Lebanon, Korea, Japan, India, and even Rannie-loving France.

Unfortunately, DONATING to SuperHero Radio is NOT popular. Despite the convenient SuperHero Radio button for donating over there in the sidebar, SHR doesn't pay for itself.

SO. I am prepared to sell commercial time.

YES, I can put your 15 to 30 second commercial in rotation on Superhero Radio for a fee. Why not make an mp3 and advertise your own blog? Hey, if they're listening to SHR, then they are your ideal audience!

The base price is $1 per each second of your commercial per month. A 30 second commercial will cost you $30 a month, air at least once every three hours.

There are a little number of spots, so let me know if you're interested!!!


Hate Filled Poster said...

Good luck!

I hope you know I don't mean that sarcasticly either.

I really hope this takes off for you and you can find a way to support the station.

Matthew said...

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