Thursday, June 23, 2005

Quality or Quantity?

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Ooooh, the "genius" of Jack Kirby is being collected in the Kamandi Archive Volume!

Let's get a little perspective on Kamandi, shall we?

Kamandi: 51 issues
Peter Porkchops: 61 issues
Mr. District Attorney: 68 issues
Buzzy: 77 issues
Leave it to Binky: 82 issues
Sugar & Spike: 98 issues
Tomahawk: 104 issues
Fox and Crow: 108 issues
Bob Hope: 109 issues
Jerry Lewis: 124 issues

There; I feel much better now!


Harvey Jerkwater said...

Comparing the genius of Jack Kirby to the towering godhood of Jerry Lewis is not fair and you know it. That's like comparing the power of 'Mazing Man to the might of The Spectre.

Holy crap, I think I pulled a geek muscle. Ow.

Somebody get me some ice!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

And c'mon, is genius too strong a word for Kamandi? Look closely at that map.

"Lion Hordes vs. Mao-Tse-Tigers?"

"Gorilla Germaneks?"



That, dear friends, is genius. Mock the King at your peril.

Robby Reed said...

If all we knew of Kirby awas Kamandi I'd agree. But he is known as THE KING for far more than that silly book! Did "Jerry Lewis" or "Fox and Crow" ever have 100 CONSECUTIVE issue drawn by the same person? I thought not.

Jhunt said...

Was that list supposed to represent "crappy" books that had longer runs than Kamandi? Because Sugar & Spike is awesome.And Sheldon Mayer was a genius. So that book shouldn't be on that list. (unless I misunderstood the point of the list, which I readily concede is possible)

H said...

Watch it Scipio, or we'll have Mr. District Attorney bring charges against you for crimes against the King.

As Harvey summed up: Orangutan Surfing Civilization. The defense moves for a judgment in its favor. Motion granted. Sound of gavel slamming. Injunction granted against the Absorbascon slandering Kamandi or the Fourth World. I'll let you slide on The Demon though if you must release your anti-Kirby energies.

Then again, who am I to judge? I'd buy an Archive edition of nearly every single title on your list the day it came out.

Jeff R. said...

On the other hand, in 51 issues of Kamandi, Kirby didn't actually have the Orangutan Surfing Civilization appear in the book. Which has got to be one of the world's great tragedies.

Anonymous said...

Kirby's Kamandi looks just like his Sue Storm.

Then again, I've always thought most of his characters look pretty much the same.

Scipio said...

Hey, no apologies for my Kirby-hatin' I am the scorpion riding on the frog's back, folk; it's in my nature...

Jhunt; I agree! Ah, but WHERE is the Sugar and Spike Archive? The injustice!

Robby: of course they didn't. Because, unlike Kamandi, there was more than one person willing to work on "Jerry Lewis" and "Fox and Crow". "Fox and Crow", by the way, gave us Stanley and his Monster, which was the mechanims Kevin Smith used to bring back Green Arrow. The remaining relevance of Kamandi? ZERO. Just another drool cup for Kirby-fetishists...

Anonymous said...

Scipio's just mad because Kamandi could probably take out a squadron of Thanagar's finest wearing a pair of cutoffs and using an ancient firearm.

Kamandi rules!

dwinn said...

Sweet -- I live on Monster Lake!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So fetishists use drool cups? This blog is an education!

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