Sunday, June 19, 2005

We interrupt this program...

... for a commercial for Heroclix!

In previous posts, I've mention that in September, Wizkids Games is coming out with a new DC Heroclix starter set and a companion expansion called Icons. It's intended as a good "jumping on point" for those not yet playing the game.

The set will looking something like what's below.
REVs are figures that come on three different dials (Rookie, Experienced, Veteran).
Uniques only come in one version (duh!)
The figures in green have been confirmed.
The figures in red are just my educated guesses.
The figures in italics are characters that there are no previous Heroclix versions of.

Starter Figures (all Uniques)
Batman, black cape
Robin, Dick Grayson
The Joker, tipping pose
Harley Quin, pop gun pose

Icons REVs
Batman, gargoyle pose
Robin, Tim Drake
The Joker, Killing Joke sculpt
Aquaman, waterhand sculpt
Dr. Light?
Dr. Mid-Nite?
Wonder Woman?
Star Sapphire?

Icons Uniques
Flash, Barry Allen
Ra's Al Ghul
Lex Luthor in battle armor
Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner?
The new Red Hood?

Yeah, I know...I can't figure out why there's no Vibe figure either...


Amy said...

Where did you hear that the Flash shown is going to be Barry?

Scipio said...

That has been confirmed by BroMags and the other fine WK folks at HCRealms.

Yes, Franny, we have! And my Adam Strange customer clix will be coming in the mail any day now... soon to be pummelled by the hawks!