Tuesday, June 21, 2005

While another angry boyfriend looks on ...

Originally uploaded by Scipio1.

"Oooo, nice red ensemble," BC coos, while still managing the pointy-toe action that accentuates his gams. "That will look lovely on my bedroom floor once I've stunned you with my Eternity cologne gun."

I swear, if DC put out a Black Condor Archive, rentals on Colt Films would plummet and no one would be caught dead at the next International Mr. Leather competition without a blue, purple, or black cape/poncho thingie.

And I would probably never bother to go on another date.

Except with Phil Jimenez. In a Black Condor costume.


Siskoid said...

Isn't Jane Arden a Canadian singer? Or is that why she goes by the name Jan Arden... so as not to be confused with the Golden Age icon?

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