Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hawkman replaced by Adam Strange

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I saw this for sale on Ebay today: a customized Adam Strange Heroclix figure. Ironically, it's made from a Rookie Hawkman. What kind of human being would destroy a Hawkman figure to make an Adam Strange figure? Well, I guess the inmates at the asylums need to do something with their hands to keep themselves busy!

Anyway, I bid on it but didn't win. A shame, really; I had this Giant Flying Magnifying Glass all ready to go...


Amy said...

That's a surprisingly nice looking figure -- my custom Clix hardly photograph as well.

But that's not a Rookie Hawkman sculpt. (I'm not good at telling you sculpt by pose yet, though, so I couldn't tell you who is under there.) So no Hawkmen were harmed in the making of that HeroClix... you can easily remove the figure from the base.

So Adam Strange just wants to be Hawkman more than anything, if he's trying to emulate his stats.

...which is far more pathetic and hilarious, frankly.

Scipio said...

Hm. The ad said it was on a Rookie Hawkman BASE, so I jumped to the conclusion that the figure was originally a Hawkman, too.

I think a Rookie Brainiac 5 might be appropriate. I need to figure it out, because, you know...


I couldn't resist the chance to put him on the board and have Hawkman wail on him.

Amy said...

Rookie Live Wire might be a better choice -- seems a guy with a ray gun should get a ranged attack, after all.

It's a shame the Hawkman figure isn't very good. A lot of the Hypertime figures are horribly underpowered and overcosted. (The unique Kingdom Come Hawkman, however, is spectacular.)

How much did you end up paying for Adam? As someone who makes custom figures, I'm always curious as to the market for the things. (Not sure if I could ever sell any one of the ones I've made, though -- I end up liking them too much.)

Scipio said...

About $16 (shipping included). They must be labors of love because nobody actually gets an amount commensurate to the effort they require. You do customs? I am interested....!

Hawkman might be a re-do in the forthcoming Icons set, since he was in Hypertime and needs a better dial.

Oh, and I was thinking of B5 only because Adam deserves Outwit.

Amy said...

Hm. Adam Strange never struck me as an outwit kind of guy... running shot, RCE, maybe, but not outwit. Then again, maybe a guy that can continually escape death with just a rocket strapped to his back is more quick-witted than he looks.

And yeah, I do customs. So far I've only done GL allies and villains, but I've got a Red Hood and an old-school Spectre in the works.

And yeah, I really hope some of the Hypertime characters get better dials in Icons. (I also want to see a Kyle clix!) I'm optimistic -- both the sculpts and the dials for DC figures have gotten progressively better.

Anonymous said...

I think the only thing that makes sense is putting him on a Starman dial.

Decent range plus flight (jet packs! Fwoosh!)

RCE (Ray guns! Zrrrap!)

A custom Adam Strange dial would probably also have Toughness. Possibly the useless Leadership, too, because he's Rann's de facto general...

Scipio said...

Actually, as proven in previous posts, the sound of a Rannian ray-gun is ZZAT!